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0000453Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2020-07-01 21:42
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Product Version2020-04 
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Summary0000453: Distros including / promoting cinelerra-gg

I have seen in the website downloads, a section about "distros including cinelerra-gg", I was surprised that Elive is not in the list, since Elive has been a long promotor of cinelerra over the years (in fact, all the elive versions included cinelerra by default in the OS, this means, since 15 years)

Elive ships directly with the version "GG" of cinelerra by default since around one year ago (this means that is directly included in the OS, not simply available on the repos), it selected the GG version of cinelerra because it proved to be more stable and featured than the other ones.

Could be good to see Elive listed on this section, and also a good way to promote cinelerra-GG (for those who don't know Elive, its known to be very light on resources, to have a beautiful and friend desktop, and runs on live mode), so cinelerra-gg can be used on it directly from a Live media without the need to install extra packages

Thank you
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2020-07-01 21:42

administrator   ~0003722

I finally found the time to change it that way.

Sorry for the late answer. I changed it like you suggested. In fact, it looks better. Thanks for the tip.

If everything is all right, I'll close the ticket in a day or two.


2020-06-24 20:17

reporter   ~0003647

I know nothing about web programming, but would it not look nicer if the layout was in two columns? Left an icon, then right the text. The left column would not be wider thatn requited for the widest icon (Bohdi Linux Media currently).


2020-06-24 00:44

reporter   ~0003643

Thank you :), the information looks correct, maybe you can mention that it can be used as both Livecd or Installed system


2020-06-23 21:42

administrator   ~0003642


I have put a link to the project page, maybe you can check if the information is correct.


2020-06-18 14:47

reporter   ~0003626


I'm verifying that the 32bit version doesn't include cinelerra, so to point to the download of the 64bit you can use the link (but this link can change) or directly to the generic download page: , the stable download page is not suggested to use since the actual stable version is much older and also doesnt include the GG version of cinelerra



2020-06-18 14:40

reporter   ~0003625


Thank you, the logo can be used without problems, you can get different versions of it from



2020-06-17 15:53

administrator   ~0003622

Hi @Thanatermesis
Welcome to our community. We are pleased to see that Cinelerra-GG is used.
From our side nothing speaks against linking to your website/project. As Phyllis has already said, we first have to make sure that we are allowed to use the logo.


2020-06-17 13:37

manager   ~0003621

It can probably be added. Are there any restrictions to using your "e circle" logo?

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