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0000466Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-08-03 08:44
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Summary0000466: Aligning multitrack videos
DescriptionUsing the Align Mixer has been a significant challenge for me. Random crashes do not give me the experience that I am looking for. But also not the functionality that would make life easy for editing and aligning multiple videos. In an ideal situation I would like to align multiple videos based on the audio with sample precision, at this moment in time cinerella seems only to offer frame precision. Hence I would like to be able to move video forward and backwards in time only basing on audio. I want the program to resolve the issue with subframe playback and rendering.

Once I have aligned the video's I would love to be able to store this "relative composition" in such way that I could be making clips, then edit them in a fresh timeline or ability to do true linear editing.
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2020-08-03 08:44

updater   ~0003874

Great improvments! +1


2020-08-03 07:01

reporter   ~0003872

I allow myself to bounce back on the subject raised to offer you some improvements on the management of grouping edits (chapter 5.5.2 in the manual), namely:

Currently, we must select the edit one by one to make a group and it's perfect to create a small group. What about a big group of several edits ?.
In that case,
- It would be interesting to be able to create a group including all edits of a clip.
e.g: To create an editing group easily and quickly, all you need to do is create a clip. Use the menu of this clip then choose "Grouping edits" then move this clip on timeline > picture 1
- It would be interesting to be able to create a group easily and quickly to select the first edit of a track and the last edit of another track via a key combination (e.g:Hold down shift+alt and left mouse click) > picture 2

What do you think ?

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2020-06-28 09:27

reporter   ~0003673

I think the conceptual problem comes from the part "aligned at the beginning" (per documentation). On the forum also the new Gang tracks feature was shown. I am running the git version, so I could test that. With respect to gang tracks my problem is: I don't mind to see all individual tracks on my screen, but I actually want the assertion that when I am done aligning I could move media like cinelerra was aware of the group and the group has its own "(dis)arm" but the group may be visible on all tracks. Hence I would never have to worry about an audio track moving due to a wrong drag (it should drag the video with it). Grouping does not seem to do/prevent that.


2020-06-28 08:23

updater   ~0003670

To group a video clip and its audio clips more or less permanently, try to see the manual in 5.5.2.

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