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0000471Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-07-07 18:29
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000471: Track alpha channel problem
DescriptionThe alpha channel of the tracks does not work as before, this can confuse new users and create serious problems for veteran users in their projects.
In this case I have been able to solve it with the sum, but I think that this step was not necessary before.
Watch video.




2020-07-07 18:29

manager   ~0003754

Thanks to IgorBeg for figuring this out.


2020-07-07 12:12

reporter   ~0003753

Thank you very much @IgorBeg, you have just solved my problem, because in this case Cinelerra works perfectly and the problem was an error caused by me.

Playing with video settings I changed the color space, later Cinelerra when creating new projects makes use of this last color space, without Alpha channel, and I did not fall into this until you have quoted it. So in this case the bug is me and not the application.

I was using an RGB-FLOAT color space and not the RGBA-FLOAT

I think that Phyllis can close this thread, and thank goodness that it does not have to me at the reach of its hands, because I deserve a good tug of ears.

Thank you very much for your collaboration Igor, you have found the solution.


2020-07-07 11:54

reporter   ~0003752

Thanks for the screencast. Can you confirm you are using Cin_20200630, please? (to know what Cin_release you are using: Settings-> Preferences-> About tab, and see on the left-bottom corner of the window)

Can you check the "Color Model" setting in Menu-> Settings-> Format...?
You must have a Color Model with Alfa channel as YUVA-8 or RGBA-8.
If your "Color model" is with A(lfa), try clicking on Apply button.


2020-07-07 10:34

reporter   ~0003751

I checked this, and the background is not turned on. The error occurred since I updated Cinelerra a few days ago.
It also happens with a completely transparent png icon, putting it on a higher track does not reveal what is below.
I have solved it by deleting the .bcast5 folder, after deleting this one, it has worked properly again.
It seems that some configuration of the Cinelerra_rc file creates an error in the new projects from the new version, if you open a previous project it works fine. I emphasize, it is only when a new project begins.
Thank you very much for the interest @IgorBeg
I have made a video for you to see the error.


2020-07-07 09:41

reporter   ~0003750

Hi @RafaMar,
may be that in the Title effect there is Background checkbox checked with an image loaded in the field background path?
Can you check, please?


2020-07-07 08:04

reporter   ~0003749
Here is another example file with the _rc file giving the error. When I restore this folder in my home, the error occurs again.
If I delete the .bcast5 folder and create a new project it works fine, but the file created with this error still malfunctioning.


2020-07-07 04:05

manager   ~0003747

This is strange behavior that I do not yet understand but will see what I can figure out from the attached xml.


2020-07-06 23:07

reporter   ~0003746

To solve this error I had to delete the .bcast5 folder
I've lost all my custom settings, but now the alpha channel between tracks seems to work again. I am attaching a file created with the error where if you put a background on a track and above it a text, for example, the text is not transparent.
These are things that waste a lot of time, today I wanted to make a video tutorial and the day has gone by trying to solve application problems.

bad_alpha.xml (8,331 bytes)

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