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0000499Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2021-12-02 15:57
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Summary0000499: Provide links to sources of older releases?
DescriptionUser requested this feature in comments at

I think links to git snapshots for each version should be enough? They don't take server space and generated on-demand ...
For example 2020-04 =;a=snapshot;h=255d67d0fcabfbcd208f2587a9a75697a15d6349;sf=tbz2
Steps To ReproduceLook at and you will see only sources for two latest versions there.
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2021-12-02 15:57

manager   ~0005193

Sources are being added monthly now like as in the past but not the rpm's as I think those are for packages which are no longer being created due to the advent of AppImage. They are in:


2021-06-15 15:51

manager   ~0004817

Am re-opening in order to see if you think I need to start putting the source out there again.
If so, I will have to figure out how to do it and whether to include the HTML documentation for Alt/h hotkey. Thanks.


2020-09-06 16:52

manager   ~0003999

Will close in a couple of days.


2020-09-06 02:19

reporter   ~0003998

Thanks a ton (a gigaton!) - it works!


2020-09-06 01:28

manager   ~0003997

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Now if you follow the link on the website under Downloads to
you should see January through August of the source files.
There is a link that Sam had already set up called "Source code".



2020-09-04 16:08

manager   ~0003985

We have a plan to put the Src tarballs out there and use the current link. It will only take a few minutes to implement but have to actually find time to do it -- hopefully later today.


2020-09-04 03:13

reporter   ~0003982

Also, I lifted content of to my (external) hdd, basically just early (2015) development of CinGG. Currently;a=shortlog;pg=5 goes down to 2015-06-17 Good Guy initial commit , but this version from google sources list

commit 3987f8db43a203a34932e418be364844aba2de99
Author: Good1.2Guy <[email protected]>
Date: Thu Jan 22 14:47:34 2015 -0700

    initial commit

as a start. Just few months of work, not sure if anyone want to have those 685135K on server, due to 1) Google source still working and 2) not very high historical demand ....
Found via


2020-09-03 02:39

reporter   ~0003974

> but how many months worth would you think is sufficient?

Bigger projects tend to keep all their historical tarballs, but they have bigger infrastructure, too.
What about six months (four more than current two)?


2020-09-03 01:47

manager   ~0003973

Well, GG has 56 of the last src tarballs since 2016 for a total of 6.5 GB on the computer. He thinks it would be OK to put some of them on the website, but how many months worth would you think is sufficient?


2020-09-01 23:45

reporter   ~0003964

is there way to utilize Github releases page ? May be in this case releases will be downloaded from them and not from you. But I'm not sure if you can make releases-from-tags there ....


2020-09-01 23:33

manager   ~0003963

Maybe Sam has a good idea, but we do not keep all of the Source tarballs on the Cinelerra website -- only the last 2 of which each is about 137MB. That amount has to be downloaded and with a slow network takes time. But

If the user has a git repo that they created via:
     git clone git:// my_cin_repo_area
where gg is a subdirectory in their current directory than all they have to do is:
       cd my_cin_repo_area/
       git checkout 2020-04

This saves waiting for the network. We have not been able to come up with a solution that appeals to us.


2020-09-01 19:50

reporter   ~0003958

Yes, you can (easily, for me) follow those tags and get tar.gz/bz2 , but user was confused by wget behavior over those links, and they give you exactly snapshot-named tarball, not like officially named ones (cin_5.1.YYYYMMDD-src.tgz).

Lets see if Sam can script something server-side?


2020-09-01 18:10

manager   ~0003955

We started adding a "tag" to all of the releases a year ago to mark the releases per a user request (I think it was for a Sun computer). This provides easy access to the corresponding monthly release. You can see this at:;a=summary
if you scroll down to under tags as in:

18 hours ago 2020-08 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
4 weeks ago 2020-07 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
2 months ago 2020-06 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
3 months ago 2020-05 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
4 months ago 2020-04 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
5 months ago 2020-03 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
6 months ago 2020-02 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
7 months ago 2020-01 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
8 months ago 2019-12 Version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
9 months ago 2019-11 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
10 months ago 2019-10 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
11 months ago 2019-09 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log
12 months ago 2019-08 version update tag | commit | shortlog | log

Please let me know if this is sufficient as I think it fulfills the requirements?

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