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0000508Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-09-14 11:31
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PlatformlinuxOSubuntuOS Version20.04
Product Version2020-07 
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Summary0000508: compositor issue exist
Descriptionso i wanted to make an animation (sorta) and wanted to use the compositor, its mainly moving pictures around causing some animation, something like this:

but the compositor isnt working, i try to scale and such, but nothing
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2020-09-14 11:31

reporter   ~0004027

Try to enable some keylines (?) visibility, and make sure their range (at the bottom of the main window) not 0-0 or something. Try to set some projector keyframes on those lines. Also, make sure to change x/y/z values a bit if you enabled 'generate keframes' for the first time. It will create one keyframe at the point where you are, then you click on different point in timeline and change x/y/z values, so it will generate second keyframe, and so on.

I think this video may help?
for old (2.2?) version of Cin, but still usable, I tried some moving video recently and it was working ....


2020-09-13 16:47

manager   ~0004023

GG suggests for animation and moving images around that you use "sequences" of jpegs or pngs. A helpful paragraph or 2 is in the manual at 4.2.2, specifically like Filelist format:
"An image sequence is a series of ordered still pictures; for example a bunch of
camera shots, frames of an animated scene, or series of frame shots." ...

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