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0000517Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-10-03 12:25
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Summary0000517: Feature request: Title tool
DescriptionI am producing a short documentary and need to translate some talk. I need full control of fonts so I use the Title plugin.

Problem is adjusting all the titles afterwards, eg. to enlarge the font. I have to do them one by one. And if the video needs a different output format, the titles will look large/tiny and need resetting.

A Subtitle tool would help me here - but with more control over fonts than the DVD subtitler.

First of all, the tool would have sets, eg. Set1, Set2, with a [+] button, because I might have a set of subtitles at size 70 in white, but some opening titles at size 90 and coloured/other font.

After selecting the Set, I then set the font settings (as with Tile plugin)

Below that, a scrollable table, with

| Title entry_____________| Position__________| _Active_ |

first field is the title text, 2nd is time pos/duration and 3rd is the active check [X] (as with batch render tool.)

Below the table of titles, are some buttons:
Insert - adds title row below highlighted
Remove - removes highlighted title
Align - this has function of setting the position/duration of the title selected in the table.

To set the title's time position, I simply select an area on the timeline (which should be easy using waveform or playback and making I/O points)
Once I have a selection or I/O points I click on Align, and the title is fixed to that position.
To change a title's position it is easy as changing selected area on timeline and clicking on Align again.

If I don't want some titles I can uncheck the active box by them.
Under the active column is a toggle button (sets all active or none active)

The benefits would be enormous
- any set of titles could be adjusted all in one go, font, shading, background, xy position....
- with all the titles in one place, one could make corrections easier or copy them out with a different language
- turn multiple titles off in one click
- title tool would act like a window that can always stay open - saves opening each title preferences
- title will not be accidentally shifted along the timeline by moving any other edits

- when edits are cut/pasted the title positions have to move with edits, as with Labels
- need indication of title positions on the timeline

Feasible or not I don't know!
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2020-10-03 12:25

reporter   ~0004133

quintao wrote: Problem is adjusting all the titles afterwards, eg. to enlarge the font. I have to do them one by one. And if the video needs a different output format, the titles will look large/tiny and need resetting.

Sometimes to do that I use the Title plugin (one only long bar on a track) and keyframes.
To change the size (or fon,or colours) to many (near) keyframes I use "Allow keyframe spanning" feature.
If you want I can do a "short" screencast (without subtitle). Could be no easy to understand it by screencast. Let me know, please.


2020-10-03 10:57

manager   ~0004129

Sorry; BT 0000282


2020-10-03 10:55

manager   ~0004127

I think you have to follow your proposal or you can import external subtitles inside CinGG's subtitle tool (BT# 0185). In this case you could import a subtitle .ass that allow sophisticated formatting.


2020-10-03 10:35

reporter   ~0004124

I have looked at the Subtitle tool, but I still can't get it to work - nothing appears in the Subttl track when I click paste

It looks like it could fit the need (except I don't know about formatting yet as its not working)


2020-10-02 19:37

manager   ~0004119

If a subtitle tool would help, in July were added more than just DVD subtitles. Subtitles now have a choice of format in that menu; srt for SubRip which is now the default, sub for Subviewer and udvd which was the original MicroDVD format.

There is more to do as concerns subtitles with Cinelerra, but if "srt" of "sub" work, then it might be a temporary working method for you. Unfortunately when I look at the manual section on Subtitles, it shows how to use them but has not been updated to mention sub or srt. But if under the File pulldown in CinGG, you use the option "add subtitl" that menu has a Format option arrow with the 3 choices.

Your idea for a solution to the Titler is well thought out and presented. It is certainly something GG can look into but I do not see it as being available any time soon.

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