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0000520Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-10-13 09:46
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 3700XOS LinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
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Summary0000520: Export clips
DescriptionIs there a way to export a clip to an EDL?
Sometimes I have media on the timeline which can become another project and I have to cut out parts and keep them as clips.

So this is my workflow
1. Select on timeline the extra content and hit 'i' (To clip)
2. then hit del to remove it from timeline
3. In clips, right-click > View in new window and set In-point point at start
4. hit C to copy and open new Cin instance, then hit V on timeline

Note that I consider it safer to cut the extra content to clip, because I am not ready to start the other project.

If I can export the clip it will be safe and I can load it to media bin of a new project.
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2020-10-13 09:46

reporter   ~0004256

To save GG trying to manipulate tons of code with this issue, I will stick with the simple graphical work around as already suggested.
Except that I will keep the "take-out" clips in The Clips bin, until the project they were cut from is finished, and then I will wipe the timeline, drag the clip onto timeline and do save as.


2020-10-07 09:55

reporter   ~0004207

Yes that is a work around. Actually I would do it this way:

1. make the clip
2. press A and delete to clear all tracks
3. add clip to timeline
4. save as clip.xml
5. Load project.xml again
Then your 8.


2020-10-06 09:33

updater   ~0004201

"But how can a clip in a project become a sequence, or an xml file?"

My workflow:

1- Open the original project (project1.xml)
2- Save the project under another name:
        Save as... --> project1-clip1.xml
3- Now you have the original project (project1.xml) saved and project1-clip1.xml opened in CinGG.
4- Delete from the timeline all parts that do not interest you (Edit --> trim selection or other). Do all the editing you want and put the effects you need. You can also delete all sources, not included in the remaining clip, from Media.
5- Save project1-clip1.xml
6- Now you have the EDL of the clip. From here on you can follow IgorBeg videos or Nested Assetts.
7- Open a new project (project2.xml) and import all the sources you want with it:
    Load strategy --> Create new resources only (or Replace current project).
8- Import the clip (project1-clip1.xml) using:
    Load strategy --> Create new resources only
    EDL strategy --> Nested
9- Now on Media you have all the sources and also the clip that is called:


2020-10-06 09:01

reporter   ~0004197

If I use Nest to media on the clip that I took out from the timeline, it looks like I am just sending it back to the same timeline!
Really, I want to nest it to a new project but without opening a new Cin session.


2020-10-06 08:50

reporter   ~0004196

@Igor, thanks, I know about loading sequences. But how can a clip in a project become a sequence, or an xml file?

My desire is not to use copy and paste into a new instance and then save it as an xml - although that isn't really difficult to do if I have go by that way.
My idea was that with one right-click in the Clips bin I could save the clip to an xml, without copying around.

I've watched all yr vids actually, they were useful. I found out some things I hadn't known.


2020-10-06 08:43

updater   ~0004195

Your solution, if possible, is the most practical and fastest. +1

Besides the sequences suggested by IgorBeg and the rendering suggested by Phyllis, you can also use Nested Assetts (manual 6.6.1).

The workflow is similar to IgorBeg videos, only when you import a subproject (i.e. the EDL of the clip) into the new project (master project) you use the loading option "EDL strategy --> Nested". In this way, in Media will appear the clip with the name "edl:name...". which can be used like any other media.


2020-10-06 08:12

reporter   ~0004194

About my last post #c4192:
Sorry, my mistake on TAGS for the black bold text.


2020-10-06 07:50

reporter   ~0004192

quintao wrote: Sometimes I have media on the timeline which can become another project and I have to cut out parts and keep them as clips.

ITo do that you can use "Sequence" feature.
You can use your media in timeline using that project like a subproject (it said "sequence").

Save your sequence as usually you do for a project, and "import" (add) to your Master project.
There is an old (outdate) video about on Cinelerra-GG youtube channel or here

And, from a few of Cinelerra-GG release, you can import a Sequence by Reference, so the Sequence imported in your Master Project may be in sync with the Sequence.


2020-10-06 01:15

reporter   ~0004190

No problems, it's not like this is a major issue. I was just reporting it as soon as I discovered the need so that hopefully a tweak to enhance workflow could be made in due time.

It shouldn't be too difficult to do, right-click on a clip > Save as xml. This saves the media used in the clip along with the clip edits as they were on the timeline, as if that was the project itself.

So when I Open media > select savedclip,xml and insert strategy Replace project the xml opens just like a saved project with edits on the timeline.
If I Open and choose Create new resources only, such as loading it into another project. the xml opens as a clip - and then I can use Open EDL


2020-10-06 00:58

manager   ~0004189

About: "If I can export the clip it will be safe and I can load it to media bin of a new project."
A clip is just a line in the EDL associated to an asset (media) with start and end points. So it is NOT media and as far as I am aware the only way to make it into media, is to render it.

There is currently no simpler way to accomplish your workflow, BUT in discussing this with GG who has not yet looked at the code, it might be possible to program a easier way to take a clip and "save as" an xml right away so that it is safe. He will eventually look to see if this is possible. although I do not see it happening in the near future.

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