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0000564Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-10-05 15:02
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Product Version2020-08 
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Summary0000564: When something extends the clip in the timeline, the applied effect is not extended
DescriptionI get bitten by this quite often, and was unsure if it was me or something within Cinelerra. It is pretty convenient to edit in a single video track, at least visually. But the problem especially with dissolving and other effects that extend the duration of a clip is that the effect on the clip is truncated on the solve point.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a single video track, with 2 videos after each other. Apply a transition such as dissolve on it.
2. Apply an effect such as Motion 5.1, notice how in the dissolve phase the effect is not applied anymore, because it is limited to the cut point.
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2021-10-03 15:46

manager   ~0005010

Sorry I did not remember that part about transitions in the manual -- you have a much better idea of what is in there than I do.
A fix is in the latest AppImage release at:
Marking this resolved and will close in a couple of days. If anyone finds other instances or plugins that cause the same issue, I can easily put in a similar fix for that.


2021-09-24 08:46

manager   ~0004990


The manual already has this section:

"When playing transitions, software rendering is used. This means that if you are using hardware, as with the video driver set to OpenGL, hardware acceleration will usually be turned off during the transition and on after the transition. Consequently, you may notice small anomalies while playing this section but you can avoid this by switching to using X11 video driver instead or just ignore it because when you create your final render that is always done in software only."

It seems clear enough to me. Let me know if it is better to modify it.


2021-09-23 19:21

manager   ~0004988

Clarification: even though the previously attached pdf says the fix will be in the Transitions, it is actually in Motion51 because that became a better way. I did do some timings and there was little or no loss in speed during playback. Andrea pointed out that using X11 instead of X11-OpenGL works better for the transitions though and just a reminder that when you actually do a final render, it always uses software so using X11 will show a truer outcome of what the final render will look like (I think that should go in the manual under Transitions).


2021-09-21 01:34

manager   ~0004979

Last edited: 2021-09-21 02:35

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If you get time could to rebuild and test this using the X11-OpenGL Video Driver? The case where I could reproduce the error was deleting a portion of a video, add Motion51 to the first part before the cut and then a separate Motion51 after the cut. Next add either Dissolve, Zoom, or Flash transition at the cut. You should see the transition work correctly.

Also, if there are other plugins besides Motion51 that have the same problem, please let me know as the fix was in motion51.C because it used OpenGL. I did test 2 other OpenGL plugins in the same manner, but could not find them to cause the problem. Motion and Motion2point do not have the error because they were not programmed to take advantage of OpenGL speedup.



2021-09-21 01:24

manager   ~0004978

With help from a Freelancer, this problem has been fixed for Motion51 with the use of Dissolve, Flash, and Zoom transitions. It will be in the next AppImage release on September 30. If the user chose the default Video Driver of X11 instead of X11-OpenGL, the problem did not occur. The root cause of the problem is that BOTH Motion51 and Dissolve use OpenGL for lookahead causing confusion.

Explanation (1).pdf (43,989 bytes)


2021-03-11 22:25

manager   ~0004685

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@skinkie -- BUT it should be fixed to work better for Motion51. Using a transition with Motion51 was most likely not considered when this plugin was written. It is time to fix this as in testing Motion and Motion2Point, they are able to handle this.



2021-03-11 21:10

manager   ~0004684

I have reproduced what you see, but I do not think this is a bug but rather Motion51 actually working on tracking. Now I am testing more plugins to see if anymore have a transition issue.


2021-03-11 20:40

reporter   ~0004683

It is that in the case of the effect of Motion is not an error, it makes a reading of the clip pixels and in the transition there is a mixture that escapes the effect.
Then when you work with melts, if Motion is required in a clip, this is better that it is complete on a track covering the entire clip.
What to work on a single track is not ideal for advanced issues, it is something that in the professional field is considered an amateur video. You do not have to skimp on tracks in advanced editions, they are precisely for this, and Cinelerra is designed to work with multiple tracks to carry out these techniques correctly.


2021-03-11 20:24

reporter   ~0004681

This is exactly the workaround I use ;) But can we please solve the actual bug here :)


2021-03-11 20:11

reporter   ~0004680

Ok, now I understand better what happens.
It is true that some effects have problems with transitions.
In these cases, especially with the Motion, it is best to use two tracks and make a cross-cast or in this way also, look at the following images, in the first one I have made a cross-cast with the opacity line (Fade Line)
In this use two tracks but the transition I make it up, in both cases the problem of the effect is resolved, because this can not read about the transition, but on the clip. In both cases the result is the same.


2021-03-11 19:54

reporter   ~0004679

@PhillisSmith you are now extending the effect. I do something similar to @RafaMar I apply the plugin to the individual clips, and do not extend the effect.


2021-03-11 19:16

manager   ~0004677

Maybe I am doing something different, but I can not reproduce the problem. See:


2021-03-11 18:20

reporter   ~0004675

@RafaMar the problem is specifically what happens at the dissolve. Hence I would expect that the left effect happens until the end of the clip, including the dissolve. When the motion effect is used I see a jump inside the dissolve, as if the plugin gets detached.


2021-03-11 18:05

reporter   ~0004674

I do not understand very well what the error is, so my response can be totally erroneous.
I understand that you want to insert the same effect to all clips on a track.
The duration of the effects when inserted is subject to where this is released, unless there is a selection. If there is selection you also have to let go in the selection. What will cover the effect is shown with a white box.
I have made a video with a color effect so that the box that delimits the insertion is visible, and that it depends a lot on where the effect is released when we dragged it.
If we insert it with the right button wizard, it is best to select the section where you want to insert it. I have also made a video so that this is seen.

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