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0000566Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2021-04-01 01:39
ReporterThanatermesis Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Product Version2020-08 
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Summary0000566: Improved builds of cinelerra-gg & Elive Linux
DescriptionIn order to have a better and improved cinelerra-gg for Elive, I have recently working on making my own builds of cinelerra-gg

The build will automatically update (rebuild) when there's a new tag found on the git of cinelerra-gg, so this will keep cinelerra-gg always very up-to-date to their tagged releases, as we can see at:

> $ apt-cache policy cinelerra-gg
> cinelerra-gg:
> Installed: 1:5.1.202010+git3325029f91-1
> Candidate: 1:5.1.202010+git3325029f91-1

 - the package is named cinelerra-gg and not "cin" anymore
 - the version includes the known version (5.1), the tag (202010), and the git commit on which the build is based upon (3325029f91), which is very useful to know the exact version built

May this information can be included in the downloads / distros page for those who wants very up-to-date builds of cinelerra-gg ?

I wonder if those packages can be offered in the downloads page with something like "updated packages provided by Elive Linux" for those who wants an always updated debian-stable build of it, so they can be found from: and just installed manually (dpkg -i )
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2021-04-01 01:39

manager   ~0004698

If you think the wording needs to be changed in any of the updated web pages, just let me know.

- page Download Distros with Cinelerra
- page Download Packages, Debian
- page Current News

Otherwise, I will assume it is OK and mark this Resolved and Closed in a couple of days after you get a chance to do the build.


2021-03-31 19:16

manager   ~0004697

Thanks for the additional response.
I have created a new release so there is a new TAG now. Will be updating news and the download page information per your recommendation by the end of the day here in the U.S. (so it may be a few hours yet).


2021-03-25 17:37

reporter   ~0004696

Yeah exactly, the user only needs to download the .deb file and "dpkg -i " it (there's also some automated gui tools on desktop like gdebi that installs the package by double-clicking on it, but dpkg -i should be enough), I didn't tried so maybe there's a dependency problem after to install it ("apt-get -f install" should probably solve it by installing the missing packages)

Or by using the last beta versions of Elive there will always be the last version available

About the version, yeah it can be easily viewed from the URL which version is builted from (as said, the build will be automatically updated after a few days of the published tag release)

Yeah anybody can use the package for debian-stable like / compatible systems, good for devs or to provide alternatives to snap packages (also in a more compatible and reliable way for deb systems)


2021-03-25 17:22

manager   ~0004695

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That is GREAT that you are doing cinelerra-gg builds for Debian-stable / Elive.
There is a plan for a new release at the end of this month, March 31 so that will be the next Tag created.
I am fumbling here some, but I think I understand mostly what you are saying.
YES ! information can be included in the Debian (& Elive) downloads / distros page for those who want very up-to-date builds starting at the end of March (really will be April 1).
This would be a BIG help to us as otherwise we are only providing an AppImage now and no packages/tars. Many users prefer installing via the package system.

The only thing I do not fully understand, and probably do not have to in order to update the download page at that time, is whether or not I will have to provide information about the changed/new package name/version.git commit as outlined in your Notes above. BUT I assume that your url site reference will take care of this and all the user has to know is to do: dpkg -i ?

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