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0000566Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Websitepublic2022-04-22 21:53
ReporterThanatermesis Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2020-08 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000566: Improved builds of cinelerra-gg & Elive Linux
DescriptionIn order to have a better and improved cinelerra-gg for Elive, I have recently working on making my own builds of cinelerra-gg

The build will automatically update (rebuild) when there's a new tag found on the git of cinelerra-gg, so this will keep cinelerra-gg always very up-to-date to their tagged releases, as we can see at:

> $ apt-cache policy cinelerra-gg
> cinelerra-gg:
> Installed: 1:5.1.202010+git3325029f91-1
> Candidate: 1:5.1.202010+git3325029f91-1

 - the package is named cinelerra-gg and not "cin" anymore
 - the version includes the known version (5.1), the tag (202010), and the git commit on which the build is based upon (3325029f91), which is very useful to know the exact version built

May this information can be included in the downloads / distros page for those who wants very up-to-date builds of cinelerra-gg ?

I wonder if those packages can be offered in the downloads page with something like "updated packages provided by Elive Linux" for those who wants an always updated debian-stable build of it, so they can be found from: and just installed manually (dpkg -i )
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2022-04-22 00:40

manager   ~0005280

Will close this BT in 2 days -- it has been left open due to 32 bit build problems which have now been resolved. See 612.


2021-12-09 18:52

manager   ~0005196

I think this is a difference in the "dav1d" headers -- Cinelerra is stuck at 0.5 because of various reasons, but mostly because older distros do not meet the necessary requirements for 0.6 and we try to keep older distros relevant -- same as 32-bit !!

If you want to at least get past this error, it is very simple. Just add "--disable-dav1d" to the configure line in ""as shown below.

( ./
  ./configure --with-single-user --with-booby --disable-dav1d
  make && make install ) 2>&1 | tee log
mv Makefile Makefile.cfg
cp Makefile.devel Makefile


2021-12-09 14:54

reporter   ~0005195

I have errors trying to build on i386 architecture:

cc -o build/src/ build/shared/entry/lib.c.o build/shared/entry/thread_task.c.o build/shared/nasm/cdef.obj build/shared/nasm/film_grain.obj b
uild/shared/nasm/ipred.obj build/shared/nasm/itx.obj build/shared/nasm/cdef_sse.obj build/shared/nasm/ipred_ssse3.obj build/shared/nasm/loopfilter.obj
build/shared/nasm/looprestoration.obj build/shared/nasm/mc.obj build/shared/nasm/itx_ssse3.obj build/shared/nasm/looprestoration_ssse3.obj build/shared
/nasm/loopfilter_ssse3.obj build/shared/nasm/mc_ssse3.obj build/shared/nasm/cpuid.obj build/shared/nasm/msac.obj build/shared/src/cdf.o build/shared/sr
c/cpu.o build/shared/src/data.o build/shared/src/decode.o build/shared/src/dequant_tables.o build/shared/src/getbits.o build/shared/src/intra_edge.o bu
ild/shared/src/lf_mask.o build/shared/src/log.o build/shared/src/msac.o build/shared/src/obu.o build/shared/src/picture.o build/shared/src/qm.o build/s
hared/src/ref.o build/shared/src/ref_mvs.o build/shared/src/scan.o build/shared/src/tables.o build/shared/src/warpmv.o build/shared/src/wedge.o build/s
hared/src/x86/cpu.c.o build/shared/bits8/cdef_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/cdef_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/fg_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/film_gr
ain_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/ipred_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/ipred_prepare_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/itx_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/lf_apply_tmpl.o bui
ld/shared/bits8/loopfilter_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/looprestoration_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/lr_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/mc_tmpl.o build/share
d/bits8/recon_tmpl.o build/shared/bits8/x86/cdef_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits8/x86/film_grain_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits8/x86/ipred_init_tmpl.c
.o build/shared/bits8/x86/itx_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits8/x86/loopfilter_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits8/x86/looprestoration_init_tmpl.c.o build/
shared/bits8/x86/mc_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/cdef_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/cdef_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/fg_apply_tmpl.o build/share
d/bits16/film_grain_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/ipred_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/ipred_prepare_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/itx_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16
/lf_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/loopfilter_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/looprestoration_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/lr_apply_tmpl.o build/shared/bits
16/mc_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/recon_tmpl.o build/shared/bits16/x86/cdef_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/x86/film_grain_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/
bits16/x86/ipred_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/x86/itx_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/x86/loopfilter_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/x86/loopr
estoration_init_tmpl.c.o build/shared/bits16/x86/mc_init_tmpl.c.o -Wl,--no-undefined -Wl,--as-needed -Wl,-O1 -shared -fPIC -Wl,--start-group -Wl,-sonam
e, -Wl,--end-group -pthread
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/cdef.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/film_grain.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/ipred.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/itx.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/cdef_sse.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/ipred_ssse3.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/loopfilter.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/looprestoration.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/mc.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/itx_ssse3.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/looprestoration_ssse3.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/loopfilter_ssse3.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/mc_ssse3.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/cpuid.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
/usr/bin/ld: i386:x86-64 architecture of input file `build/shared/nasm/msac.obj' is incompatible with i386 output
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make[4]: *** [Makefile:252: build/src/] Error 1


2021-12-07 18:05

manager   ~0005194

MatN and I have both successfully built and executed a 32-bit Debian Bullseye 11.0 Cinelerra version. Mat is pretty much an expert on building a variety of systems so his results are reliable (as opposed to me who had not installed a system for over 20 years).

Here are the steps I used which are basic only because I did not have network access:
1) installed the July Debian 11.0 from CD 0000001 (then added the 18 CDs to the apt lists)
   Of course, Mat would have an up to date Debian Bullseye via the internet.
2) downloaded 10/20/2021 GIT Cinelerra (to USB, sneaker net) and then loaded onto Debian 11.0
3) in the "blds" directory of cinelerra-5.1 is a file ""; LOOK AT THIS FIRST; and then run "./ debian".
This installs the packages needed in Debian to build and run Cinelerra.
4) then I had no problems just running in the "cinelerra-5.1", the file "./"

As a side note, we did discover that if the computer does not have sse3 (shown via "cat /pro/cpuinfo"), the 32-bit version of Cinelerra will not work.


2021-11-07 15:02

reporter   ~0005150

Good :)

32bit builds failed on my side, so if cinelerra-gg is able to be compiled builder on 32bit keep me updated, I will provide 32bit packages too :) which will be very interesting to have, and that will include also cinelerra-gg by default on the 32bit isos too :)


2021-11-06 21:50

manager   ~0005148

I am just going to leave this BT open instead of closing it because I appreciate your updates as things change.
Also just FYI, I am still creating a 32-bit AppImage on a 32-bit 9.1 Debian computer but I have had to delete some libraries.


2021-11-06 21:24

manager   ~0005147

Sorry for the long delay but I have updated the website for Download->Packages->Debian and the Elive blurb with the new links you provided in the last note of the parent. I think the users can figure it out from seeing the 2 in that directory. I will have the manual updated by the end of my day too.
(It looks like you are working on the latest release right now!)


2021-10-23 15:06

reporter   ~0005114

Debian stable is now Bullseye, my packages was for Buster, so there's a new repository including updated builds of cinelerra-gg for Debian/Bullseye, the link should point now to this one, by other side, there' will still be available the ones for Buster in a different repository, the new links are:


Note: these are not the links of the directories but the parent ones, since cinelerra-gg and cinelerra-gg-manual are in different dirs, so maybe you want to add the direct ones to the website rather than these parent directories


2021-09-04 21:10

manager   ~0004920

I meant to close this issue earlier but will do so in a couple of days. In rechecking our website I noticed that the download of the HTML manual in one place was not included so I just changed that now. It was in the Debian instructions documentation but not in the Elive Package documentation.


2021-08-13 17:39

manager   ~0004908

Sorry for presenting a problem -- it is just my system that has the problem. It is Buster/Debian 10 BUT not updated at all - just a long ago late Beta version. So I need to get up to date but because that desktop has about 60 partitions on it for various Operating Systems and versions, I do not dare update it. Another single computer can be tried instead if needed later.


2021-08-13 13:40

reporter   ~0004907

You was not able to install the package?

Mmh, dpkg is a little more tricky than apt, if you install a package with dpkg it may fail due to missing dependencies, if im not wrong, what is needed to do is to run "apt-get -f install" after that and then it will be all correctly installed (that must be verified, and maybe also included in the howto?). Other tools like "gdebi" would do that much more easily (but not everybody has gdebi included in their systems so dpkg should be the more compatible way)

Note that this package is for Debian/Buster (or compatible) systems. Also, debian is going to release the next stable version very soon, I will update cinelerra-gg package for it too but not yet, too many tasks at the moment :)


2021-08-13 02:05

manager   ~0004906

Thanks for pointing out what I forgot to fix and I fixed it several hours ago BUT it may not have propagated yet. It is updated on this laptop and on my Android phone but not on the desktop. Below is the updated last sentence where the last "here" points to the manual url.
For Debian 10 Buster users (or for the current stable Debian release), Elive Linux is generously providing a package build here – just download the .deb file and install via “dpkg -i “. To include access from the program to the Alt/h hotkey help, you will need to also install the manual from here.

I wanted to try the install myself and the dpkg -i blahblah.deb tried to install but I had not updated all of the libraries so did not get far but proved to myself it would work just fine.


2021-08-12 17:44

reporter   ~0004905

Ah thanks, yes it looks correct :)

By other side I meant more specifically in the instructions on the website, which if im not wrong there's only these ones?:


2021-08-12 17:23

manager   ~0004904

I believe that I updated the manual correctly to include all 3 links - O/S, CinGG package, and Manual. You can check:
to verify. If there is an error or you think the wording should be changed or News updated, please let me know. Otherwise, I will close this BT in a couple of days.

Later today I am going to try to make sure an "inexpert user" (that's me!) can follow the instructions.
Thanks again.


2021-08-12 16:01

reporter   ~0004903

The new builds includes the -manual (extra) package, but as how the repositories works they are in a different directory, so for the instructions pages to install for Debian/Buster, it can be referenced to also install the extra package -manual to increase the functionality of cinelerra-gg (including the manual and also the Alt+h hotkey functionality). The link for it is exactly this one:


2021-07-08 16:32

reporter   ~0004885

Glossary.html will be generated after you have upgraded latex2html to V2021.2. The older version simply does not support glossary yet.
But CGG context help works without Glossary exactly well. Congratulations!


2021-07-08 15:50

reporter   ~0004884

@sge: all your notes added in the build, by removing these "dvipng" and similar options the build was correct, I added all those commands you said, the generated files has real names now (not node-something), I only see that the "glossary.html" file is not generated, also the version of latex2html cannot be updated at the moment since depends on debian-stable version

final result: everything seems to work pretty well, alt+h works without issues too


2021-07-08 10:05

reporter   ~0004883

Cannot find file "/tmp/l2h25707/" sounds bad.
Try to use instead of '-use_dvipng -image_type png' the other options '-nouse_dvipng -image_type gif', then latex2html will give some more diagnostics.

To successfully translate CGG manual into html, you must have the following:
If any of these packages are missing, no chance to get the manual translated.

Then, latex2html itself must be at least version 2021.2, or taken from git master branch.

Then, after you fetch the latex sources of CGG manual from git, you find the file latex2html-init there. This file must be renamed (or copied) into .latex2html-init (starting with dot). If this is not done, translation cannot be successful.

Then, before running latex2html, you have to run pdflatex (3 times) and makeindex (3 times, twice for Index and once for Glossary). Only then you can begin with latex2html itself.

In the sources of CGG manual you find the shell script 'translate_manual'. Look into it, it is a working script to produce translation. You can adapt it to your installation or use as hints how the necessary command sequence should be.

You are right trying to setup translation yourself, and it will remain easy and robust as soon as you get it once set up and working.


2021-07-08 01:20

reporter   ~0004882

I tried building it with this command:

> latex2html -html_version 4.0,math -use_pdftex -use_dvipng -long_titles 5 -image_type png -nofootnode -split +3 -link 3 -bottom_navigation -local_icons -t 'CinelerraGG_Manual' CinelerraGG_Manual.tex

But then I got errors like this:

> Error: Cannot read 'img182.png': No such file or directory
> Converting image 0000183
> pstoimg: Error: Cannot find file "/tmp/l2h25707/": No such file or directory


2021-07-07 17:43

reporter   ~0004881

If you build html manual yourself:
1) You have to use at least latex2html version 2021.2 (released Yul 1, 2021), or the version from git of latex2html. Older latex2html does not have some features which are necessary to get CGG manual translated consistently.
2) To build that kind of CGG html manual which is expected by CGG context help (and which actually works with CGG context help), you have to use the corresponding set of options given to latex2html. For example, without options you get HTML files named 'node1.html', 'node2.html', etc. You will get neither Contents.html nor Index.html. To get them, you have to give the option '-long_titles 5' or something like this. Otherwise, if you insist on having 'node1.html', 'node2.html', etc. then you have to change the 'doc/' script to use 'node9.html' (or which number it actually has) instead of Context.html etc.
Please look the description of BT568 with the notes therein, there is much information on the art of translation of the CGG manual suitable for context help.


2021-07-07 04:29

reporter   ~0004880

yes I build it myself from git to a package, too difficult to do it from the tgz and automatically keep it updated

basically it only runs latex2html, and copy the "images/*" contents to the same target dir


2021-07-05 16:38

reporter   ~0004879

There is Contents.html in both HTML_Manual-20210531.tgz and HTML_Manual-20210630.tgz.
But if you try to build HTML manual by yourself, ans miss some needed latex2html options, then you can easily end up with files named 'node<ddd>.html' instead of that names which were intended for context help. If you really build the manual by yourself, take a look on the translate_manual script inside the git distribution of the manual. Moreover, you have to install latex2html from its git master branch as the latest latex2html release does not yet have all the features necessary for the correct translation of the manual.


2021-07-03 17:38

manager   ~0004877

Thank you very much. I will look into the Contents.html problem -- I am sure it is my mistake.


2021-07-03 16:59

reporter   ~0004876

The .deb packages are updated, available from the Elive repo, and also it has been included AND implemented the Alt + h feature, in case to use it the user must install the extra package too, from:

BUG REPORT: the Contents.html file is not generated automatically, I needed to copy the node9.html file to Contents.html in order to make it work, so the build system for the manual pakcage must generate / copy the needed file to a file called Contents.html (required for cinelerra alt + h to work), I'm not sure if there's other files needed to be generated too


2021-06-15 22:43

manager   ~0004824

About the Bug Tracker, Sam reminded me again (why can't I remember this)
" when logging into the bugtracker the option "only allow with this IP address" has activated. This option needs to be disabled, then the bug tracker will work fine"


2021-06-15 18:45

manager   ~0004822

OK, I am a bozo ! It is a lot of work to generate the HTML manual as there is a procedure to first create a PDF version and then create the HTML version. That is why we created the .tgz file which has all of the html files already created.

You asked about the manual GIT so I just responded without thinking. You can create the HTML files yourself but it is way too much work and you have to install latex2html + ... The GIT repository does contain the file "translate_manual" which is how the PDF/HTML manual gets created if you are adamant about doing that.


2021-06-15 18:34

reporter   ~0004821

@PhyllisSmith: I downloaded the git from: git:// , with the README documentation it generates the documentation but I don't see any .html file generated

how I should compile it and which files are meant to be included in the OS in order to have alt+h working?


2021-06-15 18:14

manager   ~0004820

I'm sorry but Chrome is not present in my Arch Linux: neither in the official repositories nor in the AUR. Only Chromium is available.

Lately there have been reported problems with MantisBT and the Forum.


2021-06-15 16:23

reporter   ~0004819

> No problem fron an android tablet with Chrome!

try in a desktop linux system with the official last chrome version, you should see the bug imho (unless its an extension issue on my side)

also the creation of New issue (from firefox, so not a chrome-specific issue for that) seems to have failed when I tried it


2021-06-15 16:09

manager   ~0004818

Last edited: 2021-06-15 16:11

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No problem fron an android tablet with Chrome!



2021-06-15 15:38

manager   ~0004816

I will ask Sam about a potential issue with BTS and see if Andrea has time to confirm.

I do not know if you can confirm the following? only if you have time though.

About: "BTS important issue: Seems like the BTS has issues, I was unable to enter in this issue ID using chrome (firefox worked) but then I tried to report the website issue and seems like it was unable to create a new report issue (and then I lost my full new report by having not created the issue), hum! "


2021-06-15 15:31

manager   ~0004815

Last edited: 2021-06-15 15:41

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The Debian users really appreciate the package you create and I think they realize that it will be there when it becomes updated/available.

The GIT remote for the html manual is:;a=summary
and you will see the same 2021-05 update TAG. I do not know anything about packaging or how that would work for the Alt/h hotkey connection where the html manual is expected to be in the {cinelerra package}/doc directory for access. (BT 0000568 has a lot of details on the Alt/h hotkey implementation and how to put it together, but it is way more information then you would need).



2021-06-15 14:25

reporter   ~0004814

BTS important issue: Seems like the BTS has issues, I was unable to enter in this issue ID using chrome (firefox worked) but then I tried to report the website issue and seems like it was unable to create a new report issue (and then I lost my full new report by having not created the issue), hum!


2021-06-15 14:19

reporter   ~0004813

Yeah, the builds are not guaranteed to be realtime (it can take maybe 1 week to be triggered in the build system) but yesterday I just noticed that cinelerra-gg was updating :)

Oh, hum... can you tell me the GIT remote for that documentaion? I think I should include a separate package for it then


2021-06-15 13:24

manager   ~0004812

Thank you for providing the Debian package. A user was just asking about it yesterday and I see it is there now and dated 14-Jun-2021.

I have to apologize for not letting you know sooner, BUT Georgy added a Alt/h hotkey feature that uses an HTML version of the manual to provide easily accessed help on the user's local browser. Because the manual has its own GIT repository and it is big and would overwhelm the source code GIT, it is separate. Therefore to include the HTML manual in your package build, you would have to also download a TAG marked correspondingly dated tgz file containing the manual and unpack it to where the Cinelerra source files exist under {directory}/bin/doc.
The file to download is at:
The version that matches the TAG of the source code GIT will have the same release date (and there is a TAG in the manual's source GIT too matching that of the source code).

Sorry for the delay and it is NOT mandatory that the user have the Alt/h hotkey as they already have easy access to the manual via our website. If you have problems with implementation or understanding my blurb, please let use know.


2021-04-01 01:39

manager   ~0004698

If you think the wording needs to be changed in any of the updated web pages, just let me know.

- page Download Distros with Cinelerra
- page Download Packages, Debian
- page Current News

Otherwise, I will assume it is OK and mark this Resolved and Closed in a couple of days after you get a chance to do the build.


2021-03-31 19:16

manager   ~0004697

Thanks for the additional response.
I have created a new release so there is a new TAG now. Will be updating news and the download page information per your recommendation by the end of the day here in the U.S. (so it may be a few hours yet).


2021-03-25 17:37

reporter   ~0004696

Yeah exactly, the user only needs to download the .deb file and "dpkg -i " it (there's also some automated gui tools on desktop like gdebi that installs the package by double-clicking on it, but dpkg -i should be enough), I didn't tried so maybe there's a dependency problem after to install it ("apt-get -f install" should probably solve it by installing the missing packages)

Or by using the last beta versions of Elive there will always be the last version available

About the version, yeah it can be easily viewed from the URL which version is builted from (as said, the build will be automatically updated after a few days of the published tag release)

Yeah anybody can use the package for debian-stable like / compatible systems, good for devs or to provide alternatives to snap packages (also in a more compatible and reliable way for deb systems)


2021-03-25 17:22

manager   ~0004695

Last edited: 2021-03-25 17:23

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That is GREAT that you are doing cinelerra-gg builds for Debian-stable / Elive.
There is a plan for a new release at the end of this month, March 31 so that will be the next Tag created.
I am fumbling here some, but I think I understand mostly what you are saying.
YES ! information can be included in the Debian (& Elive) downloads / distros page for those who want very up-to-date builds starting at the end of March (really will be April 1).
This would be a BIG help to us as otherwise we are only providing an AppImage now and no packages/tars. Many users prefer installing via the package system.

The only thing I do not fully understand, and probably do not have to in order to update the download page at that time, is whether or not I will have to provide information about the changed/new package name/version.git commit as outlined in your Notes above. BUT I assume that your url site reference will take care of this and all the user has to know is to do: dpkg -i ?

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2021-08-13 02:05 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0004906
2021-08-13 13:40 Thanatermesis Note Added: 0004907
2021-08-13 17:39 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0004908
2021-09-04 21:10 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0004920
2021-09-11 21:30 PhyllisSmith Status acknowledged => closed
2021-09-11 21:30 PhyllisSmith Resolution open => fixed
2021-10-23 15:06 Thanatermesis Status closed => feedback
2021-10-23 15:06 Thanatermesis Resolution fixed => reopened
2021-10-23 15:06 Thanatermesis Note Added: 0005114
2021-11-06 21:24 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0005147
2021-11-06 21:50 PhyllisSmith Status feedback => acknowledged
2021-11-06 21:50 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0005148
2021-11-07 15:02 Thanatermesis Note Added: 0005150
2021-12-07 18:05 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0005194
2021-12-09 14:54 Thanatermesis Note Added: 0005195
2021-12-09 18:52 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0005196
2022-04-22 00:40 PhyllisSmith Note Added: 0005280
2022-04-22 21:53 PhyllisSmith Status acknowledged => closed