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0000569Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2021-05-31 14:02
Reporterpallium Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000569: invisible speed curve
DescriptionI startet to learn Cinelerra GG this week, so probably I forgot to enable something... I can not see the speed curve.
View -> Speed = No curve
Shortcut 9 = No curve
Overlays (window) and click on Speed = No curve
Keyframes -> Create keyframes... -> Speed = Nothing

OS: Artix (Arch)
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2021-05-31 14:02

manager   ~0004766

Andrea resolved the problem.


2021-05-29 20:24

manager   ~0004764

Yes, thank you Andrea! I will close this in a couple of days in case there are immediate follow up questions.


2021-05-29 18:38

reporter   ~0004763

By default, it was 0.005 to 0.005. The orange curve was too high. I could not see it.

Che bello che sia proprio tu a rispondermi. Colgo l'occasione per dirti grazie qui dato che non ho un account Toutube per farlo. Sono al video 0000010 del tuo tutorial. I tuoi video mi permettono d'imparare il software piĆ¹ velocemente e di abbandonare Premiere, Kdenlive, Shortcut e Audacity.

Grazie mille Andrea.


2021-05-29 18:10

manager   ~0004762

Often in these cases it is a problem of incorrectly set limits. Try looking at the bottom where the speed curve appears and next to it the limits window. If the lower limit is 1 or more, the curve goes down on the timeline track until it disappears. By default it should be 0.005.

speed.png (15,256 bytes)
speed.png (15,256 bytes)

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