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0000585Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Forumpublic2021-10-13 01:19
Reporterfary54 Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformX86_64OSDebianOS Version10.4
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000585: A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site
DescriptionAs I cannot contact you in any other way, I would like to inform you that since today, I have been getting this error message on the forum. (see the attached screen print)
I can't post anything. I don't know why I don't have access anymore.

Thank you for your help.
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2021-10-10 19:16

manager   ~0005038

Manual was updated for the future when this problem occurs.
User opened another BT for the crash as recommended by IgorBeg.


2021-09-06 07:53

reporter   ~0004926

".... so it send a copy to me!"
What's a pity, it doesn't send the post to me. Okay, good to know.


2021-09-06 07:42

reporter   ~0004925

Off Topic.
Sorry, I write here because I can log in Forum but I can not write a post there.
If fary54 would like to open a new ticket about "Crash a startup" here it would be better, for me (but could it be wrong?).

@fary54 ( @IgorBeg ... so it send a copy to me!)
*** The text for the Forum ***
I think that the your main directories are:

In your /usr/share/ I only see documents, icons, images but I can wrong.

Compare: fary54(Debian11) vs me(UbuntuStudio_16.04)
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calf/ === /usr/lib/calf/
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calf/ === /usr/lib/calf/
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calf/ === /usr/lib/calf/
/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calf/calf.a === /usr/lib/calf/calf.a

/usr/lib/lv2/ === /usr/lib/lv2/
/usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2 === /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2
/usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ (link?) === /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ (link
to /usr/lib/calf/
/usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ === /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/

Could you tell me if /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ is a link file? If so, where is it pointing?

Could you see how many files there are inside /usr/lib/lv2/calf.lv2/ directory? In my system there are 57 files: two of them are (link) and, the others are .ttl files.

I would try a test using my workflow, adapting it to your paths /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/calf/ and /usr/lib/lv2/. (It may be that you have already tried)

I think to be on a dead line due to my poor knowledge of Linux. Sorry.


2021-09-05 18:17

manager   ~0004924

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About: "Personally, I did not use any special characters.... and the accents (french) in the name "Capture d'écran du 02/09/2021 14-30-37.jpg"" . The accent does not cause a problem. I think it is mostly what WordPress / WordFence considers to be "special" characters that invoke special operations -- and when I say "special", I mean things like programming code, escaped characters, backslashes, and obviously ../../ (which just try replying with that and you will see the unsafe operation error). Sort of like if you use the "vi" linux editor, there are special characters to perform certain operations; escape being one of those. It may even just be that you typo-ed a character that you could not see in your message; again like \n for a carriage return.

A few of the regular users have learned our lesson over time and ALWAYS COPY what we have written before finally clicking on Answer, Send, or Update ! I always do so in case something crashes, I can just paste it back in. It is an extra step that is rarely needed but less upsetting.



2021-09-05 17:13

manager   ~0004923

Oh, thank you very much for the root cause such as ../../ . I have updated the Manual to add the following:

14. Sometimes there is a problem creating a new report issue in the website’s Mantis Bugtracker using chrome and you lose what you just typed in. Generally when logging into the bugtracker, the option "only allow with this IP address" needs to be disabled, then the bug tracker will work fine.

15. In the website’s Forum, use of unacceptable characters or strings can result in the error message "A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site". You lose what you had typed in and you will have to check what you remember typing in for a non-converational set of characters. This can be as simple as ../../ (dot dot slash dot dot slash) or some types of C++ code.


2021-09-05 16:35

reporter   ~0004922


Personally, I did not use any special characters.

But what I can tell you is this:
- I left the accents (french) in the name "Capture d'écran du 02/09/2021 14-30-37.jpg"
- As I am French speaking I use "google traduction" and "deepl" to translate into English. Then I copy the result on the forum. I have been doing this for years now.
Is it possible that the translation of these utilities can create the problem ?
For example by encoding characters that the server cannot read.


2021-09-05 09:50

reporter   ~0004921

@fary54 wrote: I didn't have a problem when logging in but only when posting a message.

Okay. It was the same problem I had.

@fary54 wrote: About the file I posted "Screenshot of 2021-09-02 14-30-37.jpg". I didn't understand your explanation

I meant that the error message I saw was the same like your (the image was like in your screenshot).
Could it be you used a special character in your post? In my case the special character was "../../" (dot dot slash dot dot slash).


2021-09-04 19:06

manager   ~0004919

Nothing makes any sense. It sounds like it just started working again for you but I made no changes and I guess you did not either. Not sure but I do not think Sam/Administrator made any changes either or he would have said something.

It remains a mystery. I will close this BT in a couple of days. Thanks for letting us know that you can use the forum again.


2021-09-04 13:30

reporter   ~0004918

I apologize for only answering you now but I was away from my home for professional reasons.
 I can confirm that everything is working normally, I can post on the forum again without any problem.
"Does the problem happen when logging in or posting a message ?"
I didn't have a problem when logging in but only when posting a message.

 "Capture d’écran de 2021-09-02 14-30-37.jpg"
About the file I posted "Screenshot of 2021-09-02 14-30-37.jpg". I didn't understand your explanation, is my way of doing this incorrect?
If so, please tell me how I should post an image without causing you problems.

"Another thing to try: uncheck the box Remember Me".
I never checked the "Remember Me" box.

"Method 4: By Turning Off Enable Rate Limiting and Advanced Blocking Option.
    Step 1:Go to WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to All Options Tab Under Wordfence.
   Step 2:Click Rate Limiting Option and Just Turn Off Enable Rate Limiting and Advanced Blocking Option.
That’s It! You’re Done Man! "
I can't find any of these options in my forum profile.

Anyway, I thank you all for helping me and unblocking me.


2021-09-03 07:14

reporter   ~0004917

Does the problem happen when logging in or posting a message?

To reply to "Crash at startup" by fary54 I had some problem with "../../" characters and a message, like "Capture d’écran de 2021-09-02 14-30-37.jpg", come out. So I changed that characters to "dot dot slash dot dot slash".
Is the same case?

I have a lot of problem with Forum. Like Andrea_Paz said I have waiting for two day to see some recent posts.


2021-09-03 03:27

manager   ~0004916

Another thing to try: uncheck the box "Remember Me".


2021-09-02 19:24

manager   ~0004915

Not sure if the following works or if it was what was suggested in the past or if it is something you want to do:

"Method 4: By Turning Off Enable Rate Limiting and Advanced Blocking Option.
    Step 1:Go to WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to All Options Tab Under Wordfence.
   Step 2:Click Rate Limiting Option and Just Turn Off Enable Rate Limiting and Advanced Blocking Option.
That’s It! You’re Done Man! "


2021-09-02 15:34

manager   ~0004914

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My bad, I forgot you were referring to the forum. I don't know of any tricks for the forum; I have the problem that recent posts don't show up until a couple of days. I remember Sam often talking about wordPress plugins making the program unstable.
This sounds like an authentication issue to me, maybe having the server restarted would fix it.



2021-09-02 14:48

reporter   ~0004913

You mean I have to check the "maintain connection" box, but I don't have the option to check it. See image.

Capture d’écran.png (25,212 bytes)
Capture d’écran.png (25,212 bytes)


2021-09-02 14:35

reporter   ~0004912

Sorry, small mistake on my part, I mentioned Debian 10 when it is Debian 11.


2021-09-02 14:34

manager   ~0004911

When logging in, we need to check the "maintain connection" box. See image.

But I think that's not the problem of fary54.

mantisBT.jpg (33,457 bytes)
mantisBT.jpg (33,457 bytes)


2021-09-02 14:31

reporter   ~0004910

Many thanks for your quick response.

For your information, I don't think the problem is the upgrade to Debian 10. I posted on the forum again this 30th of August without any problem while my upgrade to Debian 11 was done on the 28th of August.

I don't know anything about it, but it wouldn't be due to the change of month.


2021-09-02 14:11

manager   ~0004909

WordPress causes a problem and there is an easy fix that Sam always has to remind me of and I always forget.
Something about the forum Login / register settings. I will find it and let you know sometime today hopefully.
(Maybe @Andrea_paz remembers).

Because you upgraded to Debian 11, probably you upgraded WordPress too.


2021-09-02 12:53


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