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0000602Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2022-01-28 01:43
Reportercine22linx Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000602: Is *chosen* H264-MP4 bps bitrate render applying?
Description[This was meant for the Forum, but can't register there. ]
I'm not in Linux yet so can't check, so if someone could please confirm if this unanswered bug still happens? 'H265 encodes: Difficult to control framerate of result'¡¹
Maybe most people is exporting HD or up, so failure to use low bitrates goes unnoticed?
For 240p, 300 kbps [for just video part, 'b' being bits, not Bytes] is OK, 500 kbps is plenty OK,

so if using 32 kbps for the audio [this experiment is about checking if low bitrates are working, not for disscussing if the chosen bitrates are too low], a 10 second export should produce an aprox 415 KBytes file for 300vid+32aud kbps and 665 KB for 500vid+32aud kbps,

can someone do this 2 10 second exports to see id FFMPG [or other for H264-MP4 option that may be available, idk] is applying the users chosen bps?
¡¹the title of that bug is wrong, it should be 'Difficult to control *bitrate* of result'
Steps To ReproduceChoose a [low] bitrate and get that bitrate.
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2022-01-28 01:43

manager   ~0005243

Closing as I believe all questions have been responded to.


2022-01-24 14:43

manager   ~0005242

You can change the Frame Rate "[and 29.970 instead of 30 fps]?" using the Settings->Format pulldown.
I will close this BT in a couple of days because I think everything has been answered.


2022-01-20 01:27

manager   ~0005234

Thanks for bringing up the fact that was never answered and closed. I will update it now, but in answer to whether or not bitrate can be controlled, yes it can. To do this in the Render menu, you have to keyin the described bitrate in the Bitrate box in the Video wrench menu. The confusion of why it does not seem to be controllable is because if a "crf" value or other parameter is specified that conflicts with the user's requested bitrate, that bitrate could be ignored if the other parameter takes precedence.

So if using h265-lo, h265-med, or h265-hi render formats, you should be sure to delete the "crf" parameter in the list box at the bottom of the Video wrench menu.


2022-01-17 09:06

reporter   ~0005228

I don't understand what is your goal but you can change the Aspect Ratio (Anamorphic format).
In Settings-> Format...-> Video section, uncheck Auto checkbox and change the two values on the left of that checkbox.
Some containers/codecs accept (save) Anamorphic format: by my tests .mov, .m2ts, .mp4 do; webm don't.


2022-01-16 10:35

manager   ~0005223

Sorry, I wouldn't know how to create a new preset for 240p at 16:9. Let's see if anyone knows how. I wonder if it would be used though. However you can use one of the Scale plugins or do a Crop.


2022-01-16 02:38

reporter   ~0005222

Sorry, using 0.9091 (NTSC DV) pixel ratio actually makes 352x240 4:3, still have the doubt if one can specify these parameters.


2022-01-16 02:10

reporter   ~0005221

Thx! i see Aspect ratio 3:2; so from a 720p video, it would be either a little distorted, or cropped,
can one specify more the parameters instead of just choosing '240p'? , like
352x240 with 0.9091 (NTSC DV) to make it 16:9, [and 29.970 instead of 30 fps]?


2022-01-15 11:02

manager   ~0005219

My test:

I started from a 720p video, brought to 240p via "Settings --> formats". Aspect ratio 3:2; 30 fps; Audio = 2Ch stereo; timeline=10 sec.

I rendered with the "h264.mp4" preset:

Video 1) h264.mp4 with b=500000
           2) h264.mp4 with b=300000
Audio 1) = 2) h264.mp4 with b=32000

Results (mediainfo):

1) file size = 710 KiB; bit rate video= 541 Kb/s; b.r. audio= 32.3 Kb/s

2) File size = 455 KiB; b.r. video= 332 Kb/s; b.r. audio= 32.3 Kb/s

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