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0000644Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2023-09-30 18:51
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000644: Sort of a bug with "Deselect Edits"
DescriptionWhen using the MMB on a track with the cursor set somewhere on an edit, if you "Deselect Edits" and there is no edit where the cursor is, it will "Select Edits" instead.
Steps To Reproduce1. create some edits by cutting with "x"
2. put the cursor over one of the edits
3. using the Middle Mouse button, choose the option "Deselect Edits"
4. it will "select" that edit since there is nothing to "deselect" since no selection was set
Additional InformationMaybe this is a "feature" !! not a bug ??
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2023-09-30 18:51

manager   ~0005561

Update Manual about how select and deselect work.


2023-09-28 23:39

manager   ~0005560

Checked into Git the explanation that resolves the confusion. Will close in a couple of days.


2023-09-28 07:50

manager   ~0005559

OK, thanks.
I append the new Editing.tex

Editing_02.tar.gz (31,325 bytes)


2023-09-28 07:02

reporter   ~0005558

For me your text is very good.
Good the idea about asterisk and Note too.
Ready to print, if it is okay for @PhyllisSmith (and other Users, of course)!


2023-09-27 14:15

manager   ~0005557

Yes, I also think that "Select Edits" and "Deselect Edits" are redundant. However you can leave them that way, because their name makes them intuitive, even though they then behave the same way.

I was thinking of not altering the table regarding the MMB options, but adding an asterisk to the "Selecet/Deselct Edits" entries and then, after the table, add the following explanation:

"* \textit{If the selection area created is larger than the edits we want to act on and includes additional edits, those edits will be involved if "Select Edits" or "Deselect Edits" is used. Indeed, these options acting on both the selected edits and those that are not selected but are included in the selection area created. In practice, edits that were selected are deselected, while unselected edits are selected}."

[Reading it in English, I am not sure if it is accurate and clear (as it seemed to me in Italian...)]

Instead to the NOTE I proposed earlier I would add:

"If you want to deselect all the selected edits you must use \textit{Clear Select} option by MMB."

@IgorBeg Can you correct these changes or propose better ones?

PS: perhaps it is better to open a thread in the mailing list instead of continuing here?


2023-09-27 09:46

reporter   ~0005556

@Andrea_Paz @PhyllisSmith
It seems good to me.

I would like to add a pair of things if it may help.
I was reading the "CinelerraGG_Manual_20230831.pdf", section "5.5 Drag and Drop Editing", page 142. In the "Deselect Edits" is written: "Deselect all edits within an highlighted are of the Timeline".
It is right but if an User highlight an area greater than the edits selected it works as a kind of Invert feature.

"Select Edits (Ctrl+Alt+')" option by MMB (Middle Mouse Button) is another toggle option. Mmh, it seems that both "Select Edits" and "Deselect Edits" work in the same way. Then,... is it a bug? Could it be that the two options are redundant?

It is better to remember that if you want to deselect all the selected edits you must use "Clear Select (Ctrl+Shift+A)" option by MMB.

Keep in mind my bad englis, please. ;-)


2023-09-27 00:39

manager   ~0005555

I will wait for feedback from IgorBeg on the text version to make sure it looks good to him..


2023-09-26 21:47

manager   ~0005554

OK, I append Editing.tex
I put the note here (at "Selection Methods" section), taken from your description. See if you can correct it.

NOTE: \textit{Deselect Edits} toggle between Select and Deselect edits. If you have selected an edit and you want to deselect it but select the edits near to it, you can highlight the area and using \textit{Deselect Edits} the edits near to it will be selected while the edit selected before will be deselected. Of course it works for more edits selected before too. In practice, edits that were selected are deselected, while unselected edits (included in the selection area we created) are selected.

Editing.tar.gz (31,155 bytes)


2023-09-26 18:50

manager   ~0005552

I was wondering if it was a convenience so will close this in a couple of days. Andrea, do you want to update the manual to explain this behavior?


2023-09-26 08:01

reporter   ~0005551

For me it is a feature. It toggle between Select and Deselect edits.
For example you have selected an edit, and you can see the red rectangle around to it. If you want to select the edits near to it and deselect that edit (the edit you had selected before), you can highlight the area and using "Deselect Edits" the edits near to it will be selected while the edit selected before will be deselected. Of course it works for more edits selected before too.
To Deselect all the edits selected (with the red rectangle around) we use MMB->"Clear Select" option.


2023-09-25 21:01

manager   ~0005550

I confirm the bug.

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