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0000090Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-05-16 03:27
ReporterMatNAssigned Togoodguy 
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Platformx86_64OSLinuxMintOS Version18.3
Product Version2018-11 
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Summary0000090: Allow optional hardware-supported encoding during rendering
DescriptionDepending on the system, there might be hardware rendering (GPU) available. If available, the available options are listed using the "vainfo" command in a terminal window. On Mint at least, you have to install vainfo first. I don't know how much effort is is to retrieve that info using native Cinelerra code.

If hardware acceleration is available for a chosen format (say h.264 or h.265), could it be made available in the "compression" dropdown list in the video settings of the rendering window? Maybe the quality is less than pure software rendering, but if the hardware causes an considerable speedup then certainly for non-professional use this would be a nice option to have.
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2019-05-16 03:27

manager   ~0001547

As Andrew stated, this is partially implemented with ENCODING, but not for Nvidia graphics boards which need NVENC. I will leave this open until gg has a chance to look into ffmpeg having nvenc removed from the non-free list.


2019-05-14 04:12

reporter   ~0001521

Partially present since;a=commit;h=1d4f5d708de0d8ec19300b417354a3374d00ed47

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