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A proposal based on my preferences. Put the "Forum" item also in the menu bar, so you have visibility and direct access to the forum, without going from "Support" or "Footer". The problem is lengthening the menu bar too much because of too many items.

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Another menu item would not have been possible, because otherwise it would have become too long. I have added submenu. For this submenu some strings to translate were created for the first time. These strings are URLs and the title of these URLs. Please also translate the URLS. The name bugtracker or mailing list for example does not have to be translated, because there is no Italian bugtracker or mailing list. Please only translate URLS that offer a different language. The names to these URLS can be translated, like Documentation -> Documentazione.

andreapaz Topic starter 13/03/2019 9:33 am

The submenus are perfect for me: beautiful to look at and practical to use. Thank you.
Regarding the translation of the submenus, I have problems but I will write on the mailing list.