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Rendered colors are ugly

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I want to ask for help because the colors in the exported rendered video were very ugly. This is a compiled question with the google compiler, so I apologize in advance for any errors!

The original video where the colors are beautiful, vibrant.
The mediainfo output is in the description below the video

I exported the file without editing with CinGG-20220228-x86_64-older_distros-multibit.appimage. I use MX Linux. I chose h265-hi.mp4.

The result, which gave much dimmer, matte, less vibrant colors:
The mediainfo output is in the description below the video

What could be my fault?

If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it.



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A suggestion from Andrew is to check in the Settings pulldown, Preferences option, Appearance tab, Color area for the "YUV color space" that is in effect.


The correct video has color range = limited (mpeg in CinGG) and color space BT.709.
The second video has color range = full (jpeg in CinGG) and color space BT.601.
I think this is the origin of the dissimilarity.
See also these two recent posts, to get an overview of color in CinGG:

balacy Topic starter 17/03/2022 5:29 pm


Thanks, that was the mistake!