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Cinelerra in Opensuse Tumbleweed ?  


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07/01/2020 2:08 pm  



Can I install the leap 42.3 version in Opensuse Tumbleweed ?? 

Is a specific version planned ??

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Before responding, I had to look around the net to figure out what Tunbleweed is and how it differs from Leap 42.3 and 15.1!  Since you are using Tunbleweed, I assume you are somewhat computer savvy as well as artistic.  Here is the easiest way with no impact to your filesystem to test whether Cinelerra-GG will work for you:

1) download the single user tarball to /tmp this file:

2) in a window at the prompt, type these commands where /path is a DIRECTORY WHERE YOU WANT the software to reside:

cd /path
mkdir cin
cd cin
tar -xJf /tmp/cinelerra-5.1-leap42.3-20191231.x86_64-static.txz


Try starting up cinelerra where the binary file is - for example:



See if it starts and runs OK.  Check the terminal window where you ran the above command to see if any errors -- the most likely error for "bleeding edge" distro is a library mismatch "so" error.  With a static build, this should not be a problem.  If you had used the Package install method instead (sometimes easier for non-savvy computer users) you could easily get this library mismatch problem, not only initially when you install Cinelerra, but at any time Cinelerra could break as Tumbleweed has automatic updates.  The beauty of this installation method, is that you can just delete the entire /path/cin directory path to remove cinelerra.


Because Cinelerra is built on so many distros already (about 18 variations, 2 of which are Leap variations), there is no plan to build a Tunbleweed specific version.  The main problem is that the Cinelerra package can be broken any day by an update on a rolling release operating system as we have found with Arch.  When/if either Leap 15 or OpenSuse 42.3 is discontinued, then we will consider replacing it with Tunbleweed.



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