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CinGG on Magyar Linux

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Article about Cinelerra-gg on magyarlinux (Hungary).

Using the automatic translator it seems to me a good article, made by someone who knows well the video editing and talks about it with simplicity and clarity.

There is also the video on Youtube. But unfortunately it is without subtitles.

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Glad you posted this.  I translated the written article and was very happy to hear that "separate windows" is appreciated as I think it works very well.  I tried to send email to the person who wrote the article but not sure it will be received.  Notified them of 63 ShapeWipes as they only saw the 9 transitions that are readily viewable.

Also, mentioned that we could add Hungarian language by using Google Translate to come up with it but they might not like the results (I might just try it for fun!).

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@phylsmith2004, Hungarian language for the user interface or the website? It is a lot of work, there are many technical terms.