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Normalize audio  



You probably know that, the shots taken on different days and places by camera and recorder are levelled out at different levels. Do we have a working plugin for normalizing, i.e. for evenly increasing the level to x dB, or how do you do that?


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It's done. I now consider this as preparation and transcode the volume on the command line. That goes in one go and I have time for the important things in video editing.

I'm curious: what did you do or what did you use to level the sound media? (Consider that I don't know anything about the world of sound.)


I am curious too as I was trying to use the Audio->Render effect->Normalize plugin but it did not do what I thought it would.  What is the secret?

I'm sorry, but I've only just seen that the software is associated with a political message. I don't want to be associated with that. I'm only here for the video editing. I therefore withdraw the software recommendation I made earlier.I deleted the post. Sorry again.


There are two ways to adjust the volume, normalize to a given standard, and adjust the maximum level. The answer to "How can I normalize audio using ffmpeg?" (external) provides a brief introduction to normalizing. Normalizing changes the material and makes it suitable for the living room, I use it at the end, if at all necessary.

After the accident yesterday I wrote myself a sinmple shell script. It should bring the desired volume to a set level. It also transcodes the video track if desired. The script can be understood with basic knowledge and adapted if necessary. It is suitable for the processing of several files, therefore no queries are made. I mainly work with copies, therefore the original files should not be changed. Also the newly created files are not overwritten unasked. Just change to a new directory to try it out. The rest is described in the script. I've toyed a little with it and I'm happy so far. Maybe someone will find it useful?

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Interesting information. I haven't yet found an automatism for the manual editing process for myself, so such information is useful.

Yes, as soon as dynamic content or scripts are uploaded, WordPress automatically blocks them. But you can upload it to a data service and link it here.


I would like to see the script!


The script can be downloaded from my script-resistant data service: