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Aspect ratio Super 35  



Hi, how do you make an input video (viewport) into 2.35 (super 35) format? Let me explain: starting from a 1920x1080 video (16:9) I want to get to a viewport of the same width (1920) but with a height reduced by 1/2.35 (W/H=2.35 ==> H= W / 2.35)
I saw the nice video of Ingo:
But I think it can also be done by RMB on the track and then "resize track" (and no "crop").
The result is that a side of your choice (or both) is multiplied by 2.35; but, I think, it is not the aspect ratio of a super 35.
See the following video:
Does anyone know how to do this?
(also posted on mailing list)