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Bug in Nesting (Latest static build)  



I found a bug:

Open four different edls as resources in a master project.

Select all four in the 'clips' area.  Right click and select "Nest to Rescources"

Create four video tracks.

Paste each nested clip onto a separate video track one at a time.

In my case, Cinelerra can't tell the clips apart if they're nested at the same time (it seems like it creates an internal name for the nested edl based on system time when it is nested, but if they are nested at the same time via context menu, it can't tell them apart).  So it just keeps pasting the same edl, even if I select a different nested edl in the resources window.

Also, the EDLs don't have logical names following nesting, and thus I can't tell them apart in resources.

1 Answer

We will work on naming and truncation solutions, probably in the next couple of days.