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Hotkey to deselect all groups?  




I often work with large projects with 10 or more tracks. Often I will select a group and make movements and changes and unwittingly mess up another item that was selected off the viewable screen area. Is there a hotkey combo or menu item to "deselect all groups"?

Also are selected groups supposed to able to be deleted? I often have a track where where one clip is selected and outlined in red and if I hit the delete key all clips on the track get deleted whether they are selected or not..

Lastly on multiple track projects the cut and split functions act very weirdly and often will delete a clip entirely rather than simply splitting it into a new segment on the timeline, I think I probably should do a screencast with that issue so you can see what I'm doing. It appears to me on a simple 1 track project cutting and splitting work as expects but on multiple tracked projects things get a bit random..?

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"Is there a hotkey combo or menu item to "deselect all groups"?" No, shift-click only does 1 group.  We will think about maybe adding a menu item because there really aren't any hotkeys left.

"I hit the delete key all clips on the track" Could you define what you mean by the "delete key" - do you mean "x" or on my laptop, I have 2 different keys labeled Delete, one on the top row and one on the keypad?  There is Ctrl-x and Ctrl-m when in Drag and Drop mode to cut out or cut out and put in space.

"cut and split functions act very weirdly" - I will have to test this some more. But maybe another user will be able to corroborate or better answer the other issues (I hope!)




Hello Phyllis!

A very sincere Happy New Year to yourself and GG!! 🤗 

It would really be better for everyone and more clear if I got my old butt in gear and just made a screencast. Let's hope my good intentions don't decay before the weekend! These are some issues I encounter frequently and I have some paid editing to do this winter so it would be in my interest as well to make sure my issues are described as accurately as possible. Stay tuned


I spent some time tonight testing multiple tracks - 3 video with 12 audio - and could not get any failures using Drag & Drop editing.  I had a bunch of edits, moved a bunch of stuff around,  and worked with at least 3 different groups of about 3 edits.  Deletes using Ctrl-x and Ctrl-m worked as expected and I got no weird split|cut results.  My laptop top row Delete and keypad Delete do not perform any delete functions at all. You could be doing something a little different than what I tested so there may be a problem, but I don't see it yet.



Thanks so much Phyllis for your work so far! I did manage to do a screencast and if you can tolerate my extremely boring voice and 'ummm ummm' filled commentary I think it demonstrates the issue quite well. I screencapped in full 1920x1200 resolution for detail so the file is about 75mb in size, hope that's not too big..


OK, demo has been diagnosed by Bill.  First of all, the keyboard Delete does nothing in the case you are doing.  And now, here's Bill:


Thanks for taking the time to demonstrate the problems.  It helps a lot when I look into these issues.  So here we go.

1) there are several "selections" which are the source of the issues you demonstrate.  First, in the olden days, there was the column oriented timeline drag selection.  That manifests in 1 of 3 ways.  a highlighed vertical column, a single flashing line, or the blue line region between the [in and ]out marker labels.  When the drag column is in use, it has the highest precedence and is used for selection.  When the column is a single line, then the fall back selection is the [in/out] marker region, if they are set.  When they are not set, and the cursor is flashing, then the selection start=end and the selection is empty, but it does have a position on the timeline which can be used for editing.  This is input for the vertical style cut/paste drag/drop editing.

Now, in the new "group" world, there are "edit" selections.  These are created by using the drag/drop cursor and clicking edits to toggle select/deselection.  These are input to a different (more modern) set of cut/paste/overwrite drag/drop editing.  These are the set of operations you see when you click an edit with the middle mouse button, and are available using the hot keys which are more like text editor, ^x=cut, ^c=copy, ^v=paste, and so on...   The delete key is not hooked to these operations.  It is hooked to the cursor selection region.  So the first issue is that the delete doesn't work because the correct key is ^x, ^v, ^m, or whatever is needed from the "group" edit functions.

The second problem is that the in/out markers are set off screen.  You can see the region selection blue line across the timebar.  This means that when the cursor selection is empty, the in/out selection will be used.  It seems to select the entire session, and so anything on the armed track is deleted when you invoke the "cut" menu item, which is what seems to happen.

So Phyllis says the "moral of the story" is turn off your In and Out markers!




Hi Bill and Phyll!

OK got it! It was a rather stupid oversight on my part in hindsight.. 😳 Thanks so much for the time to patiently answer and explain.. 😀 

Oh and also thank you for the info on scroll/center button clicking on groups, lol I was wondering why there were no group centered functions listed when right-clicking on a group... center click never occurred to me until you mentioned it. I've fallen in love with Cinelerra all over again! 😍