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How to do for a fast rendering

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I have a small question about the rendering. The project I'm working on is becoming more and more complex, and even small 30-second renders can take up to 10 minutes. What rendering settings can I adopt to make it go faster and get an idea without requiring final quality?

In the rendering box, I've tried changing the video quality parameter (mp4), but it doesn't change much apart from the weight of the video...

Many thanks in advance for your help

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Thanks for the clarification.


Notice, however. The message is only about decoding, that is, playback on the timeline. Cuda/Vdpau settings (and vaapi) are also about decoding. For rendering you can only use the various rendering presets and if you want to customize them or create new ones.

chapolin Topic starter 18/06/2024 9:34 am

@andreapaz So if I understand correctly, in this case, during rendering, if we use "nvenc" it will still be the graphics card that will be used?

andreapaz 25/06/2024 8:33 am


Yes, using the ...-nvenc preset will use the GPU, unless there are problems.

If that doesn't seem to work, try running CinGG from a terminal and report the messages on the hardware.


Though I prefer my CPU Xeon 14c/28t rendering at desktop (and the quality) I would like to have a quicker solution for my mobile workstation 4c/8t with Quadro P4000 to do some quick previews.

Can you say whether it plays out for you?

I don't like to install proprietary nvidia drivers but I would if you say nvenc plays out well for you.

With nouveau drivers I don't need to care of anything. With the nvidia drivers there probably is more to take care of.

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andreapaz 04/07/2024 3:25 pm


I have AMD graphics and so I cannot advise you directly.
I don't think noveau supports cuda/nvenc/nvdec. However having a Quadro card with noveau means sacrificing it; unfortunately the graphics/video world does not have good support in the Open.

cincity 04/07/2024 3:31 pm
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The nvidia drivers for linux have always been very powerful.

It was just the updating process and the lack of need why I swapped to nouveau.

If @chapolin says nvenc works very well I would switch from nouveau to nvidia proprietary.

edit: I changed to proprietary nvidia-driver at the mobile workstation with Quadro P4000.


Also I see that histogram and probably other plugins are slowing down playback dramatically. Maybe GPU acceleration would improve playback performance too.

edit: histogram doesn't seem to profit of GPU acceleration.

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