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I want to use a LUT  


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Is it possible to use the Fuji X-T3 F-Log LUT in Cin-GG and if so how do I go about it please?

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There are several different ffmpeg plugins included with CinGG for using Lut's.  These are listed at the bottom of this reply.  (I need to add how to use these to the manual.)  Here is a generic "how to" list of steps from an email that is over 1 year old and I do not know if it is still up to date.  The demo is at: .  If you get it working and these steps are out of date, PLEASE let us know.  If you have trouble getting it to work, PLEASE let us know, so I can get GG to help me get it corrected.

--------------------------------------- Old email --------------------------------------------------

fmpeg has a plugin that has just now been enabled in cinelerra GIT that
will apply a 3dlut to an input video.  The 3d lookup tables (3dlut) are
used to map one color space to another.  Apparently some high-end cameras
supply a .cube file to use as input.  The demo is of usage with fiddling
(else just need step 1 and 5,6) at:

Attached is a sample foomap.cube file that was created to show something
happening.  This demo mostly shows how to be able to "fade" the 3d lut
mapping to make the effect less obvious.

1. bring up video
2. add video track
3. keyin the letter "a" to highlight all
4. attach effect with button3, select Video 1 in the 3rd column as the
Shared track
5. drop F_lut3d on the track
6. bring up the lut3d controls and keyin your file name
7. in the patchbay, turn off gang faders
8. move the fade slider in the patchbay and check results in the compositor

---------------------------- End of email ---------------------------------------------------------------------

F_lut: Compute and apply a lookup table to the RGB/YUV input video.
F_lut1d: Adjust colors using a 1D LUT.
F_lut3d: Apply a 3D LUT (lookup table) to an input video. LUTs are used to map one color space to
another and are frequently supplied with high-end cameras as a .cube file to use as input.
F_lutrgb: Compute and apply a lookup table to the RGB input video.
F_lutyuv: Combine and apply a lookup table to the YUV input video.

That's brilliant Phyllis, it worked a treat with F_lut3d, the only thing I found different is I didn't need to add another video track.


I am currently finding that presets are not working correctly with this plugin. There are 3 LUT files for my camera, if I wish to change the file by selecting a preset, it crashes Cin, however if I change it manually, it doesn't. I tried remaking the presets, but it still crashes.


MatN logged a bug just 2 days ago and gg generated a fix that he thinks fixes what you are seeing also.  I have yet to test the before and after scenarios but will attempt  to get this done today and let you know.