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loss of MB and render quality


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I use with CIN a video gopro mp4, h264, 59.9401 fps in FFMPEG format, 1920x1080 (info Cin of the video: h264 1920x1080 59.94 pix yuvj420p) and which is about 346Mo: when I make a rendering with Configuration Format = 59.9401 fps, 1920x1080, RGBA-FLOAT, 16/9, when I render without making any modifications (render stting : FFMPEG and mp4) while keeping the whole video, my rendering file is only 223Mo and I have the impression that there is a very slight loss of brightness.
Is this normal? this comes from my settings? and can we export a render without compression?

Thank you very much in advance for your help

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"Is this normal? this comes from my settings? and can we export a render without compression?"

You can improve the quality and bitrate to pretty much get whatever you want, but it might take some experimentation to get what you want.  When you bring up the "Render" menu next to the red colored word "Video" is a picture of a wrench.  Click on this and then under the word "Compression" is a box which probably contains "h264.mp4", but that is not important right now.  On the right hand side of this is a down arrow -- click on the down arrow to see other potential options -- that too is probably not important right now.  Most likely helpful is the box "Bitrate" and "Quality" and maybe even "Pixels".  You can vary all of these values a lot -- some help is available in section 9.2.4, FFmpeg Interactions in the manual.  After this, the things that were mentioned above that were not important right now, are useful to get an idea of variations you can use to get better quality.

If after you look at the Video wrench settings, you have other questions, just reply.

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Thank you very much for the quick answer, it work fine with your explanation 😀 

I can finely set the compression of the render now.