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MultiCam / Open Mixer question  



I can't understand how multicam works with open mixers. What is described in chapter 43 of features5.pdf, issues 5) and 6). I can do the multiview; in the timeline in addition to the output tracks I have all the source tracks named mixer1, 2, etc. with the related audio tracks. I place the cursor where I want and double click on the mixer view I choose. This goes into the output track (the first). Then I place the cursor on a new clip and double click on its mixer view. Sometimes it appears on the output track and sometimes it doesn't. If I continue with a third clip I never managed to put it on the output track. What don't I understand? It has to be something fundamental, like the point of synchronization; but I just don't know how to do it.

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If you have three videos then the three small viewer windows will open. You go to the front in the timeline and then click on the viewer window you want to insert, you go further in the timeline and click on another viewer elsewhere to insert this sequence and so on. Can you record a video so you can see how you do it? Actually it should work without any problems.


Thank you, Sam.
Slowly, I think I'm starting to understand. The errors were due to going back and forth for the timeline, positioning the cursor at random. Instead, for reasons of synchronization you just have to go forward. Did I get that right?
I did the tests on different clips and not multicam shot, so they do not share synchronization neither audio nor video. Does it make sense to do that? How does the synchronization of clips work? Does it only refer to the point on the timeline where the insertion point is placed?