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Multiple selection in edition mode  



Hi, I know that if I type the "a" letter I can select all the clips in the timeline. But I can't group them with that kind of selection.
On the other side, I can click on every clip I need to select by clicking one by one and afterwards, if I shift+click on any of the selected clips I can group them.
Unfortunately my editions have a lot of clips (twenty or more cuts) and going one by one to select and group is very tedious and prone to error.
My question is: Is there a way to select all clips in edition mode, so I can group them all?

Any help will be very welcome.


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Unfortunately, neither GG or I could come up with a way to currently do this.  I have logged a ticket to possibly provide this capability in the future with the suggestion of using the "a" type selection and then some other keypress to "create group in the selected area".  Ticket number is 494.  GG says this may be possible, but not sure when it can be worked on.


Thank you, Phyllis. 

I hope, GG works on this pretty soon. Anyway, wonderful software.




The newest release now has a way to do this as explained in ticket #494 but here it is for all to see and checkout:

You can select the area to be made into a group in 3 different ways:

1) set the cursor in the position on the timeline where you want edits to be included and all edits on that track and those below, then use the middle mouse button option on a track of "Select edits"
2) use the [ and ] brackets to define a region in which to include the edits and use MMB/Select edits
3) highlight an area by dragging the mouse on the timeline (with the I-Beam / Cut&Paste) and then MMB

Disarmed tracks will not be affected.
PLUS, if you miss an edit that you want included, the same method can be used to add it. It is an additive operation.

And, it will include the partial edits in the selected area, thus making it easy to dis-include ones you do not want.

It will include silence also but you can remove that or any other edit with Ctrl-left mouse button.

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Hi, Phyllis. Thank you so much. You're the best. Ever.

Method 2 and Method 3 works like a charm.

Method 1, at present, I can't make it work. Perhaps missing something.

Anyway, I'm more than happy with methods 2  and 3.

Thanks again.  🙂