Need Very Basic Introduction to Color Correction/Theory  



Does anyone have suggestions for a veerrryyy basic online video course, articles or books about the very very basics of color correction/color grading etc?  I need something really really simple (I have no idea about the difference between gamma and brightness, nor various colorspaces for example).  Especially useful would be something that could be easily connected to Cinelerra's color correction tools.



this is a good introduction -- straight to the point

here's a detailed guide going through the different stages of color "correction" and "grading"

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For Cinelerra I found two videos that deal with it. But it's not about "Color Grading" but about simple color adjustments. Also on YT there are several videos dealing with this topic. It doesn't matter if this is shown with another program, the basics are always the same. If you understood it the first time you can apply it to Cinelerra to the extent that Cinelerra offers. The interesting thing about grading is, nobody knows what the result should look like, so the result is always the intended one 😉


If you just need tutorials in Italian made with horrible editing and terrible speech, there are my videos:


This video series is amazing, so much information and very well organized.  Thank you!