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Rendering in high quality


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Howdy! My first post here. I haven't used Cinelerra since the old CV days, so a lot has passed me by.

I'm wondering if someone can help me out with the setting s to render in really high quality, 1080p and 4K. I tried googling it, but didn't come up with much.


Thanks for the help!


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You don't say what kind of result are looking for i.e. lossless, visually lossless/intermediate or delivery such as mp4, so my suggestion is to start here first and read the render section. There's too much in there to start throwing out wild guesses. 🙂

Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the reply! It's going to be broadcast, as well as possibly a bluray. SOME of the clips in the video are 4k or 1080, some are not. Lossless is preferred.

I'd like to be able to pick a resolution and render the project out to that, but CL doesn't make that super simple. At least without being familiar with what the individual codecs do




Yeah, DeJay is right but you should probably at least try this first:

Because H.264 is so widely used, the method in CINELERRA-GG Infinity is outlined below. These setup steps make it easy to just get started.


  • File Render

  • File Format FFMPEG + mp4

  • Video Wrench Preset h264.mp4 + bitrate: 6000000 (or whatever) + OK

  • Audio Wrench Preset h265.mp4 + bitrate: 224000 (or whatever) + OK

  • Set your target path in: Render Select a file to render to

  • Set your timeline in: Render Render range + click Project

  • Set your insertion strategy: Replace project (or whatever)

  • Press OK to start rendering.

A possible easy high quality to check would be File Format=FFMPEG + mov

and then video wrench to choose