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Shot Matching, grouping edits and save grading  



I'm reading a book about Color Correction. About Shot Matching it says to correct the color on the Master Shot and then balance the color of the other shots based on this. He recommends creating groups of homogeneous shots in order to apply the grading done on the Master Shot in one go. Question: Can I group several shots together in CinGG (I mean for the purposes of CC, not just Drag & Drop)? Should I use Nested Clips (which I have never used before)? Or shared tracks or something else? Another question: can you save the settings made on the master shot so that you can then apply them to your own group or even other groups in the same project or even in other projects?
I hope I've made myself clear.

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Grouping the clips or using nested clips to do the color correction doesn't make sense in my opinion. Usually you have several clips with different color temperatures and exposures, but transferring the same color correction from the master clip to all the others doesn't correct the other clips. In PP I have to correct every single clip manually, there is the feature to automatically use a reference clip and apply this color correction to something else, but that doesn't work well. That's why I use the manual CC in PP and have to correct each clip individually. The reference clip only serves as a guideline for the others, it serves as an orientation. If the reference clip has rather warm tones than cold tones and the shadows are darker, then I try to give the following clips warmer color tones and darker shadows, but still I have to look at each clip individually, because one clip might be too warm and another too cold, one clip is too strongly exposed, the other clip too dark.


You're right. Alexis van Hurkman also says in his book that it's better and faster to grade from scratch. But the main programs allow the grouping and saving of the grading because in big productions it often happens to have similar shots, given the control on the illumination/exposure. In such cases, a certain automatism may be useful. Not so in hobby works, I think.
To save a grading done with a single plugin you can use presets, but if you use multiple plugins, how can you do it in CinGG? If it can be done.