Using Shared Tracks...

Using Shared Tracks with Masks and Keyframes  


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16/06/2019 11:08 am  

IgorB provides a nice demo to demonstrate the potential of Shared Tracks with masks.
The video shows how to use shared tracks to work with masks and keyframes. It also shows how to view all the masks of a track at the same time or remove them from the view so as not to hinder other editing operations (Attention: to work with masks and keyframes there must be no In/Out Point on the timeline!).

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16/06/2019 6:01 pm  

Nice demo.  Also, just wanted to point out that the demo includes showing how to take advantage of "Overlay Mode" in the patchbay using the Graphic Art and Logical functions.  Modes include Arithmetic and Porter Duff operations, besides the default Normal.


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