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16/04/2019 5:45 am  

I've been around the issue tracker and mailing-lists a bit, but I figured I'd give the forum a little love too. I run a small YouTube channel mostly with Minetest videos, though I've branched out into other stuff over the years (including Blender/3D modeling videos, small joke videos, a podcast, etc). I've been screwing around with Linux for 'round about 5-6 years now, Blender for about 4 (off and on, so not consecutive experience), and general video nonsense since I was a kid (which wasn't that long ago so take it with a grain of salt).

I've used most every FOSS NLE under the sun, and have found Cinelerra-GG to be one of the best. The biggest thing I feel needs to be improved is the playback performance with more complex scenes and transitions, but overall it has shown to be a very stable and capable editor.

I plan to make some videos in the coming months around programming projects, practical effects, and maybe some English Cinelerra tutorials if I get time to script them out.

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16/04/2019 8:39 am  

Welcome to our community.

Thank you for sharing. Very interesting what you are doing on your YouTube channel. 🙂

Our developers are constantly working on improving Cinelerra, such feedback is of course very useful.
Have fun.


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16/04/2019 4:31 pm  

benrob0329: I enjoyed your you tube channel on "when you were 12"  -  that "thing", whatever it was, works better than the Neato and Roomba vacuums that fail miserably after a couple of months.   Also, GG and I watched part of the Blender making of the sword.

So back to Cinelerra-GG feedback -- performance on playback is always a consideration for GG as it is important that it keeps working on laptops and older linux computers.  Also, there is always a call for english tutorials on this subject.

Most importantly, it is good to see a younger crowd enjoying linux and cinelerra as one of our goals is to make sure it lives on for some time to come.