Introducing myself ...

Introducing myself too  


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04/01/2019 7:33 pm  

Since I enjoyed the WPfilmmaker and Andrea's "hello", I decided to introduce myself too.  I work with GoodGuy so he and Cinelerra are my interests in life.  We are both in our 60's.  I had big plans for my life growing up on an Iowa farm, and was planning on becoming President of the United States.  Somehow that just did not work out for me.  Instead I joined the Navy for about 3 years, used the GI bill to get a Math degree in Michigan and then a Masters degree at Indiana University in Computer Science where I met GoodGuy.  We both have worked on various computers for different companies for our entire careers so enjoy Computer Science very much.  For entertainment, we grow some vegetables and fruits around the yard and I do some canning in the summer.  In the winter, we really enjoy going ice skating at a local outdoor rink at least weekly and go to the movies if we can find something worth watching.

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05/01/2019 9:58 am  

Ah, ah! Who wouldn't want to be president of the United States? 🙂 
Thanks Phyllis, and if you ever feel like a holiday in Italy, please contact me.


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