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I'm looking for creative lenses e.g. anamorphic and ones which create some kind of imperfectness.

I sold all my drones stuff to have some money to be able to invest in other filming stuff. I'm going to do filming with my Crane M2-S gimbal for the near future only.

My RX100VA is a good allrounder but has lots of disadvantages. I still have it because of the modern movie AF and the super Slomo abilities. The lens is not interchangable. I don't see enough at the screen and so on. I'm not in love with it. And I really hate the small buttons.

I still have an old Nikon D3300 which is absolutely outdated, which lacks any good AF capability, which lacks 4K video at all but which makes just a good image with both kit lens, which has a great handling and which has a absolut reliable storage file system.

If I hadn't anything I'd go with Fujifilm X-H2s or the X-E2 because I do not love Sony or Canon. I have this Nikon which I'm a bit in love with and I would prefer Nikos APS-C as system for lenses over Sony or Canon.

What do you use?

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andreapaz 25/06/2024 8:46


Staying with Nikon there are the Z 30 and Z 50, but I'm not sure if your lenses can be mounted directly without an adapter.

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I meanwhile bought a Sony alpha 6400 and two TTArtisan F1.4 (35mm) and F1.2 (55mm) lenses.

I'm going to sell the zoom kit lens which is somehow average for photographers but not interesting for filmmakers.

Also the Helios could be a fun lens to try out. But at first I'm going to try the TTArtisan lenses and the new RGB lighting equipment.

I decided also to sell my RX100VA next year. Though it's a quite capable multifunction camera I'm going back from these slomo to 30 FPS.

In the future I 'm probably going to go with alpha III and Sirui 70mm Anamorphic 1.8