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EOL Windows 10 - cheap workstations for cin

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EOL for Windows 10 is near.

Though some will try the upgrade - many won't. Especially companies are renewing their systems.

If you use linux only you won't care at all.

I bought a cheap Dell workstation T5810 two years ago and they are becoming even cheaper - real bargains now.

Ridiculous cheap ECC memory, up to 22 cores with 44 threads they are good rendering machines for cin - and super cheap.

With 140W TDP (22 cores) they are similar at wattage to the most modern 12 Core CPU Ryzen 7900X (170W TDP) but of course not that powerful.

But for this money a real bargain if you ask me. Only the CPUs costed 2700$ (e5-2697v3) or 4100$ (e5-2699v4) in 2014.

Ten years old - yeah I know that's not interesting for everybody and not best for gaming. But cin is so super efficient with rendering with ffmpeg that these old flagships are still superior. Nothing I'd buy if I had a modern CPU like a 5600x or better. But if you're looking for a super cheap rendering machine this could be interesting. For me it is.

I bought an upgrade CPU (e5-2697v3) with 14 Cores, 28 Threads, Turbo Freq @3.6GHz and a huge 45 MB 2nd Level Cache for 20$ yesterday (inclusive shipping, invoice and warranty).

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