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How do I add material to the timeline afterwards?


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For example, let's assume an ordinary project with a handful of video tracks and even more audio tracks. The tracks are well loaded, everything is cut and set up to fit. Now we want to add a scene somewhere in the middle of the drama track. The following material is to be moved to the right on all video tracks and a large part of the material on the audio tracks. Which insertion strategy do you choose?

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There is no single insertion strategy, per se, that will do exactly that. There are probably several ways to get what you want and some way better than my suggestion.  If I understand correctly what you want to do, I would add a silent space where you want to insert a scene that is big enough to hold that (highlight beginning at the point where you want to do the insert to a size that fits, use the Edit pulldown, Paste silence).  Make sure your insertion point is at the beginning of where you want to insert and Load using "paste at insertion".  The reason I would use the silent space, is because it moves the "following material" over on all armed tracks which I think is what you intend  --  be sure to "disarm" the audio tracks in the patchbay to the left of the timeline that you do not want to have moved when you do the paste silence step so that no material there is moved.

Then you can get into Drag and Drop editing mode and move parts to get it all lined up.  The pulldown Edit, Align Edits is very helpful too.  Or stay in Cut and Paste mode, and use the Middle Mouse button on a track and see all of the copy/cut/paste options.

If you want I can make a quick demo, but it would not be a very good one.

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A demo is not necessary, your explanation is easy to understand, thank you.
Frankly, I expected something more "exciting", e.g. "define in and outpoit in the viewer, position the position marker, hold down the secret key combination Ctrl-Alt-Del-F13 and click insert in the viewer with the fourth mouse button". 😉


That's funny!  There used to be a lot of "secret" keys but they should all be documented in shortcuts.html now -- except the ones that were not found so probably that is the one you really need...