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Image morph effect

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I was wondering if it is possible to create a morph effect between two images.

There's a lot of morph effects online but to be able to add a "morph transition" effect directly on Cinelerra is something I'd like to do.

Is there any plugin for this kind of effects or is it possible to add such effect on a future release of Cincellera?

I've been using this software for years and I really love it! Really, I've also tried on my mac-mini Final Cut Pro X. But to be honest, although there are some nice features on FCPX, but since my main PC is running Linux, CIN is THE video editing software I love!

I'm not a pro, but I love to create some videos. And definitely, CIN is the best software ever for Linux after the defunct Main Actor.


Kind regads,

Carlos Santos

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Ffmpeg 5 contains a "morph" effect. Unfortunately even when CinGG will introduce ffmpeg 5, morph will not work because it requires 2 video inputs. In CinGG only the effects (of ffmpeg) that require one input will work.



Somehow the response I thought I typed in yesterday got lost.

What about using Shapewipe "video transition" in the resources window.  It has 63 variations you can see when you drag it to the video and click on the icon and then "show"?

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Thank you both of you for your help.

@phylsmith2004 I've used some of these transaction in the past, but I'm looking for something more smooth and dense, like a normal transaction but with morphing.

@andreapaz I'm looking into this. Have some reading ahead! 🙂


Kind regards


@IgorBeg -- do you have any tricks?



I have looked around to find a "morph transition" in the hopes that there was one.  It seems that P*Pt has one.  Some suggestions were to use "animation" to accomplish this but Cinelerra only has very basic capability for this and since of little use, may not even work for you.  However, in the manual there is a reference to Raffa's "howto" (even though the movie2 demo no longer works due to aging out).


@cmmpsantos Do you mean something like "Michael Jackson's Black or White Morphing sequence" ( )?

I think that it is not possible inside Cinelerra-GG. Time ago I used FFmpeg's Minterpolate to create a good slow motion. I don't know if it may be useful for your goal.

@phylsmith2004 I have no tricks here,... sorry.