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Summary0000169: Monitor for each video track at the point before it enters the mixer
DescriptionFrom email (so it does not get lost) Mar 11/Dan

I have 2 camera recordings that provide the complete timeline for a whole days footage, and I'm adding in additional content like slides
that were put on the screen.

What I'm ideally after is a monitor for each video track at the point before it enters the mixer, and presents that tracks image at the
cursor. It would be what the mixer view presents but before any fade/mute/mix is applied. It would be nice to be able to select between
pre and post effects.

Perhaps it could be done by extending the mixer viewer paradigm to be a multi-stage moniter - able to select the following modes:

a) Input signal: this is the view you'd see from this track at the timelines cursor but before any effects, fade/mute or mixing stages.

It would be like seeing what the raw frame of a 2nd camera feed looks like at that point in the timeline. This would be useful for doing
things like aligning video from commodity camera's where different angles of the same footage can be aligned to saw a clapper board.

b) Prefade - This is a view of the Input signal of the track the primary effects including camera and projector effect applied, but before the
fader/mute stage.

This would be used to see the track Input signal with the effects applied. It would useful particularly for preparing picture in picture
overlays and ensuring that before fading between tracks

c) Mixer view - This the same as the current Mixer view.
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