0000083: [Feature] Support for jog-wheels CONTOUR DESIGN ShuttlePRO V.2 and ShuttleXpress (goodguy)
0000109: [MantisBT] MantisBT - View last comments (posts) (Sam)
0000085: [Feature] Copy effects in fast drag & drop mode (goodguy)
0000110: [Bug] Tip of the day is always the same (goodguy)
0000103: [Bug] Cannot start Cin5 build on Mint 19.1 (goodguy)
0000105: [Bug] git link from manual Features5.pdf does not work (PhyllisSmith)
0000092: [Bug] Bug in ReframeRT plugin. (PhyllisSmith)
0000096: [Feature] Add "Dump Undo Stack" (goodguy)
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Released 2018-12-31
0000059: [Bug] Packaging: Issues identified in source tree / build process (goodguy)
0000063: [Website] Add BRAW to News and "Motion Graphics" to Features (Sam)
0000067: [Bug] The boxes encroach on the French text (PhyllisSmith)
0000043: [Feature] Extend the working space of the new "Finde Pieces" feature (goodguy)
0000058: [Feature] Changeable colors for the asset title & background (goodguy)
0000046: [Bug] Context item "Delete" in the Clip tab cannot be pressed (goodguy)
0000069: [Bug] Start the Record window in non-english language (goodguy)
0000032: [Bug] Increase the maximum zoom size of the new source "target" identification function. (PhyllisSmith)
0000044: [Bug] Phantom keyframe boxes (PhyllisSmith)
0000048: [Bug] Proxy creation fails (PhyllisSmith)
0000087: [Bug] "Drag and Drop editing mode" and Ctrl+x (PhyllisSmith)
0000005: [Bug] Need to be able to easily see the precise places on the time line where a particular source file is used and parts not used (goodguy)
0000029: [Bug] Cin crashes as soon as I create a clip (PhyllisSmith)
0000001: [Feature] highlight resource window list items in_use (goodguy)
0000007: [Feature] Real Drag & Drop & Delete without without constantly locking other tracks. (PhyllisSmith)
0000026: [Bug] Error deleting in timeline (PhyllisSmith)
0000080: [Bug] Crash by repeatedly moving clips with effects. (goodguy)
0000003: [Bug] The new Windows feature does not work properly. (Sam)
0000010: [Feature] Larger thumbnails in clip tab (PhyllisSmith)
0000027: [Bug] In Titler, some fonts cannot be selected with the mouse from the drop-down list (PhyllisSmith)
0000040: [Bug] Crash after deleting a file in the media tab (goodguy)
0000011: [Bug] [PATCH] guicast/bccmdl.py is not Python 3 compatible (goodguy)
0000045: [Bug] Load window Apply Button bug (PhyllisSmith)
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0000128: [Feature] Keyframes for camera view XYZ and projector view XYZ (goodguy)
0000123: [Bug] The ShuttleXpress Jog and Shuttle does not work in full screen mode (PhyllisSmith)
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Released 2018-11-30
Monthly version
0000014: [Forum] Forum: Editing title/post subsequently (Sam)
0000015: [Forum] forum: add login/logout (Sam)
0000018: [MantisBT] MantisBT defaults to subscribing users to all updates on all (yes, ALL) issues (Sam)
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