0000348: [Bug] Re: 0000336. Extension for the video profiles for ProRes. (PhyllisSmith)
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Released 2019-11-30
0000237: [Feature] Adjustable background color of the compositor (goodguy)
0000322: [MantisBT] MantisBT: Text Formatting Help (Sam)
0000335: [Bug] Moving another effect above/below 'histogram normalization' crashes Cin (goodguy)
0000336: [Feature] Supplementary request for the video profiles for ProRes. (PhyllisSmith)
0000341: [Feature] Provide Transcode (Convert) for 1:1 conversion of media (goodguy)
0000337: [Bug] Proxy: Video is not congruent. (PhyllisSmith)
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Released 2019-10-31
0000303: [Bug] Cant find codec libvpx-vp9 - when using system libvpx (goodguy)
0000300: [MantisBT] Bug reports are still lost. (Sam)
0000296: [Website] The packages on the French download page refer to the home page of the Cin-GG English site (Sam)
0000286: [Website] Website: temporary links for cinelerraGG_manual changes (Sam)
0000319: [Website] The number "3" appears in the menu headers of the CinGG website (Sam)
0000338: [Bug] mpeg encoder crashes in yuv422 mode (PhyllisSmith)
0000025: [Bug] GUI HIDPI (PhyllisSmith)
0000324: [Bug] Clip: Paste = segmentation fault (goodguy)
0000333: [Bug] Deinterlace-CV missing one control, can freeze whoile program (goodguy)
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