0000319: [Website] The number "3" appears in the menu headers of the CinGG website (Sam)
0000286: [Website] Website: temporary links for cinelerraGG_manual changes (Sam)
0000296: [Website] The packages on the French download page refer to the home page of the Cin-GG English site (Sam)
0000300: [MantisBT] Bug reports are still lost. (Sam)
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Released 2019-09-30
0000298: [MantisBT] Bug-Reports are lost. (Sam)
0000301: [Bug] Thirdparty update: x265 (goodguy)
0000306: [Bug] Overlays: Adjust the text color (PhyllisSmith)
0000194: [Bug] Proxy with Scaler (goodguy)
0000305: [Bug] VP9 presets and some others are possibly wrongly setting ffmpeg bitrate (goodguy)
0000304: [Bug] Rendering to h264_vaapi renders audio only (PhyllisSmith)
0000281: [Feature] Resources: Preview for nest sequences (PhyllisSmith)
0000176: [Feature] Display recently opened projects in a submenu (PhyllisSmith)
0000283: [Forum] Inadequate calculation of the elapsed time of published Forum items (Sam)
0000295: [Feature] Please remove timebomb.{c|h} from cinelerra src (PhyllisSmith)
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Released 2019-08-31
0000214: [Feature] Please look into adding dav1d AV1 decoder - faster than libAOM (goodguy)
0000289: [Bug] PATCH: configure.ac: Use Clang -Wno-unknown-warning-option instead of invalid -Wno-unknown-warning (goodguy)
0000290: [Bug] PATCH: guicast build fails under glibc 2.30 due to gettid() redefinition (goodguy)
0000288: [Feature] Request: Tag "version update" commits in git repo (goodguy)
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