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0000257Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-08-12 12:55
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Summary0000257: Add ffmpeg filter lensfun for automatic lenscorrection.
DescriptionLast week I was shown that DaVinci Resolve could correct the lens distortion of a GoPro Hero4 camera with just a click. The video track was 90+ still mjpeg images as one frame/image. This lens was pretty fish-eyed. Presumably the program read the camera type and settings from the image´s EXIT data.
I see at the ffmpeg site that there is a filter ¨lensfun¨. The associated database for camera´s and lenses is about 3M XML.

I don´t know how useful this feature would be in Cinelerra, ever more video is shot with still image cameras; the lensfun allow correcting several lens faults, depending on the calibration data delivered by users.

Is it useful (and possible) to add the lensfun ffmpeg effect and database to cin-gg?
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2019-08-12 12:55

reporter   ~0002013

I think adding this fulter will make ffmpeg and Cin-GG by extension GPL v3?

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