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0000267Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-07-17 08:30
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Platformamd64OSAVLinuzOS Version
Product Version2019-06 
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Summary0000267: GUI improvements
DescriptionFrom the forum, dankinzelman made these requests (

1. Offer a single window option similar to kdenlive. For those of us on single monitors, it is super frustrating not being able to find the window you want because it's hidden behind something else and having to switch through all four of them one by one by clicking on them in the dock. An alternative (less appealing to me) would be adding a keyboard shortcut to return to the default layout (what you see the first time you open after installing it) with viewer in upper left and compositor in upper right. Then perhaps the resources window could be called with a shortcut, but by default be 'always on top'. But I really think the option of a single-window view would be welcomed by many.

2. In the (current) four-window variant, window names should be immediately visible in the dock. As is, the windows are named 'Cinelerra: Resources' or 'Cinelerra: Compositor', but as soon as you are doing any kind of multitasking, there is no space to show anything except the first several letters of Cinelerra, so it becomes a crapshoot. There are different color icons for each window, but on a high resolution monitor, the icons are so small, and the colors are so similar, that it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate them.

3. Make a keyboard shortcut to switch between windows quickly (like alt-tab, but exclusive to Cinelerra).

4. Compositor should default to 'always on top' (not totally sure about this but i think it might help).
Personally I much more often want it on top than behind. So if possible (until we get a good single-window option), I would prefer the default to be 'always on top'. That way I can make modifications and scroll on the timeline without losing sight of the compositor window, which I often want, but currently have to set up manually.
Add from Sam: it would be a temporary solution. It would be good if we had an option in the settings that will bring up all the other main windows like Compositor, Viewer, Main and Resource windows when selecting one of the Cinelerra windows, so it doesn't matter which icons you click on at the bottom of the taskbar. It's not the final solution of a one-window program, but it would be acceptable for me. It's a kind of automatic bringing all these windows up front.

5. Armed (editable) tracks should have a much more eye-catching change than just illuminating the lock, again, this is tiny on a high-res screen. Perhaps the whole track box should be red, or flash, or disarmed tracks should become grayed out...


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