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0000270Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-07-17 08:36
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Product Version2019-06 
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Summary0000270: PAN control
DescriptionFrom the forum, dankinzelman made these requests (
The pan control is really bad at the moment, IMO. When the timeline/editor is full screen, panning something full left has the mouse running into the left margin of the screen, necessitating several click/drag operations. Also, panning in stereo should be one dimensional (x-axis only), but the panner is two dimensional, which simply creates confusion, because it seems like moving the green dot up or down should change something, when it apparently does nothing (and rightly so!). I propose a simple knob panner for stereo projects: click and drag up moves to the right, click and drag down moves to the left. Otherwise a L-R slider (like the current panner window, but without vertical freedom). I think the current style of panner should only be used in projects with 4+ output audio streams. In either case, even in the absence of other modifications, it would be good to relocate the panner button to the right side of the patchbay to avoid bumping into the left margin of the screen, which is super annoying.


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