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0000284Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2019-09-05 13:04
ReporterIgorBeg Assigned Togoodguy  
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Platformx64OSLinux-UbuntuStudioOS Version16.04
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Summary0000284: Speed keyframes (autos) on Video and Audio tracks.
DescriptionAdding Speed keyframe on the Video track doesn’t add the keyframe to the Audio tracks.
I would to change the speed of the clip, video and audio, together but there are two strange behaviour.

Steps To ReproduceExample with 1 Video track and 2 Audio track (stereo), all tracks Armed.
“Speed” option in Overlay window enabled and “Fit all autos to display” pressed to display correctly the Speed’s line on the tracks.

First case
1) If I click (LMB) and drag the Speed line up on the Video track, to increase the speed of the clip, a keyframe is only created in the Video track, not on the two Audio tracks. The edit is displayed correctly shorter.
Screencast from Start to 17s :

Second case
2.1) I create a Speed keyframe on the Video track with a click without to move it.
2.2) RMB over that Speed keyframe and the popup menu come out.
2.3) Click on the Speed option and the slider speed is shown.
2.4) When I move the slider or insert a value in the edit field the keyframes are created also in the two Audio tracks with the same value, correctly.
But the Speed change doesn’t affect the “width size” of the drawn edit.
Screencast from 18s to End.
Additional Information(Cin-ub16_20190731)
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2019-09-05 13:04

reporter   ~0002074

Phyllis: "In order for the width size to be correctly updated, the mouse has to be moved outside the slider/edit field area for the redraw to occur."

You are right.
The problem seems to me when I click on check button, on the right side of the slider.


2019-09-05 09:20

reporter   ~0002073

Okay. I understand You.
If you want, you can close this issue and maybe a solution came out, in the future (doing other things?).


2019-09-05 00:48

manager   ~0002070

Case 2: we both spent time today watching the screencast and trying to create the same "width size" update problem with no success. When gg looked at the code, he did ascertain that the width size will NOT be redrawn on every mouse move because that would just eat up time for no good reason. In order for the width size to be correctly updated, the mouse has to be moved outside the slider/edit field area for the redraw to occur.

However, Igor's screencast clearly shows a situation where it is not updated but we can not figure out how to make this happen so GG can reliably reproduce, analyze, and fix. If he can make it happen, he will not know how to fix it, or even whether or not it is fixed. In the screencast, it almost looks like the checkbox portion of the slider bar has to be almost exactly beyond the timeline (which I have tried to do) in order to get a failure. Any hints here to get the failure? or are we missing something?


2019-08-14 09:20

reporter   ~0002017

Thanks Phyllis (and GG)!


2019-08-13 19:41

manager   ~0002016

Case 1: thanks Andrea - that Latex manual work you are doing is paying off in answers!
Case 2: gg has been notified and thinks that it is just not doing a redraw and should be an easy fix when he gets to it.


2019-08-13 11:14

reporter   ~0002015

Thanks Andrea (for the first case)!


2019-08-13 10:40

manager   ~0002014

first case:
double click for video and audio tracks together (manual 8.1.2)

second case:
I confirm your video.

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