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0000403Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-04-05 07:07
ReporterOlaf Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000403: The button bar on the compositor no longer fits.
DescriptionSeen with theme "Cakewalk" with current git sources, see screenshot. You can also clearly see from the "Neophyte" theme that either the height of the "cbuttons" area has shrunk or all icons have moved up.
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2020-04-05 07:07

reporter   ~0003091

I understand perfectly your point of view. I agree with you. Thank you.


2020-04-04 13:55

reporter   ~0003087

@IgorBeg, I am sorry for the lost g!


2020-04-04 13:52

reporter   ~0003086

Git sources updated and CGG newly compiled. I colored cbuttons_right to make it easier to see.

Dear IorBeg, I'm afraid I'm unable to monitor the "all in one pot" collection commits for any changes to the themes. My motto is: one bug, one ticket, one bugfix, one commit. Anything else overwhelms me. I am just too old for such adventures. The last published update was on 30.9., I gave up and wrote a corresponding info on my website: The themes were changed on the project side. There are no plans to adopt the modifications made. If you have any questions, please contact the CGG project managers.
Thanks for your understanding.

(Btw, I just came across bugs with plugin title that were implemented overnight. Then there is the thing with the rendered canvas color, with the scope, the jumping keyframes … I'm sure you'll discover them soon. I am going into the weekend now and enjoy the spring sunshine. ;)

bbar.png (48,158 bytes)
bbar.png (48,158 bytes)


2020-04-04 08:11

reporter   ~0003083

"In the Neophyte and Cakewalke themes the timecode on the Viewer is in the strange place"
when the Viewer window is narrow.


2020-04-04 08:07

reporter   ~0003082

About aesthetic problem on Viewer and Compositor for SUV and Unflat themes, it is okay for me.
Thank you!
Good the new icons arrangement.
in the Neophyte and Cakewalke themes the timecode on the Viewer is in the strange place, I think. But they are @Olaf creatures and him know if it is right/good or not. ;-)


2020-04-04 03:58

manager   ~0003080

The latest GIT checkin has this fixed and the "meters" moved to the more logical suggestion as shown in BT 71.


2020-04-03 07:29

reporter   ~0003078

I think that Scope and Meters may be moved to the right of the editing tools because they are "gadgets" out of the box of editing (more or less).
For me, no objections to move.


2020-04-03 04:00

manager   ~0003077

A solution has been generated but I want to test all themes to make sure it looks good.
What is the rationale for moving the "meters" symbol in the Compositor (and I assume the Viewer too so that they match)? as shown in the Videoscope BT 71 (at least I think that is where I saw it)? Are there any objections?


2020-04-02 12:59

reporter   ~0003072

Good @Olaf !
Thank you. (It is better a separate ticket from 0000071)


2020-04-02 08:35


stilbruch.png (159,233 bytes)
stilbruch.png (159,233 bytes)

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