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0000406Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-04-08 13:19
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
PlatformPCOSLinux Mint 19.3OS Version19.3
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Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000406: Error in the format settings window
DescriptionA reader of my blog has decided to try cinelerra and has encountered this error and he cannot modify the size of the window or work on it because he cannot see it in its entirety.

Your computer works with a monitor at a resolution of 2560X1080px (% are not valid here ;-))

This problem doesn't happen to me. Maybe it would be enough to make this window with the possibility of resizing it ... anyway, something is wrong in the Audio section.

Use the latest stable, installed version of repositories.

Thanks in advance.




2020-04-08 13:19

reporter   ~0003128

@PhyllisSmith Thank you


2020-04-08 13:15

manager   ~0003127

GG has created a fix that will go into April 30th builds. Will look at the Preferences problem yet.


2020-04-08 13:14

reporter   ~0003126

@IgorBeg Answer offTopic
I have always worked with applications in English. But teaching 3D Animation and FX classes, since 2010, at the University of the Balearic Islands, Spain, I began to see the applications in Spanish. I was surprised at how well translated all the Adobe and Autodesk applications are into Spanish, including Blender. I suppose that its menus and windows adapt to the lines of text and sometimes, in order not to exceed the screen limits, they have bars to scroll.
In this sense I have experience of seeing an application in English and then in Spanish, and sometimes in Spanish I get lost. But for being very used to working in English.
One idea... when it does not fit scroll bars appear.
You can hardly take the entire book of Don Quixote in Spanish by hand. In English, its thickness is reduced by almost half.


2020-04-08 12:14

reporter   ~0003125

@RafaMar, OffTopic (Sorry)
Others software like Adobe Premiere/LWKS/DaVinci or what you know, how they solve the problem of these long terms in Spanish?
For example, do they truncate words?


2020-04-08 09:15

reporter   ~0003122

The user told me that the change of scale solved the problem of the Settings window, but that this damaged the preferences window.
He put me this video:
I know this is because in Spanish the lines are longer than in English, shorter would not be understood. The problem is, that when you increase the size of the window, the content is not automatically adjusted. I know that this is solved by changing tabs and I have sent you this video.
P.S. Little by little, new Spanish-speaking users are arriving.


2020-04-07 20:17

reporter   ~0003117

Ok, now I will communicate it to him. And if there is an answer, I tell you things.
And on the other hand I just tried it, and it turns out that the screen that warns of the restart is also very poorly translated into Spanish, now they also fix this :-)
Thank you very much for your answer.


2020-04-07 19:52

manager   ~0003116

It appears to be a bug although using Spanish and changing the layout scale size does not show me the error. I am pretty sure gg will be able to fix it. Meanwhile, if that person goes into Settings->Preferences and changes the "Layout Scale" to 1.0 (if it is currently 0.0), that could help. When clicking OK, it will take Cinelerra down and bring it back up again.

Am I understanding correctly that that person is usaing a monitor resolution of 2560x1080? Although I do not know how to set this up, gg will and can test and hopefully fix.

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