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0000042Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2018-12-09 22:38
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Summary0000042: Live Preview Feature
DescriptionSome features of Davinci Res. I find very practical and I wish we had something similar. I especially like the live preview feature. Here is a short example:

In my opinion, GG created the basis for the live preview feature by Pierre's "find fragmente/pieces" idea.

The current situation is that as soon as the preview feature is enabled in the resource window, and I move the mouse over a thumbnail, a 5 second preview video pops up. But sometimes it's not enough to find the right scene if the video is a bit longer. With a double click I usually load the video into the viewer and go with the mouse on the viewer and can continue searching. My suggestion would be as follows.

As soon as I move the mouse over the preview video of the thumbnail, I see the same view as in Pierre's "Find fragments /pieces" window.
At the top is a black bar representing the timeline of the viewer and at the bottom the timeline of the main window.
As soon as I touch with the mouse the upper end, the black bar, the preview video loads it in the viewer, and synchronizes the mouse position with the position in the viewer. When I move the mouse over this bar, the position of the viewer is updated. I don't need to click to synchronize the mouse position with the viewer's position - just move over it. A left click on the black bar starts the playback in the viewer, another left click ends the playback. A right click freezes the position, so I can go down from the preview video without changing the position in the viewer.

I go with the mouse down from the thumbnail in the media tab and the video is still loaded in the viewer to make fine adjustments. With this new feature you would be able to view a lot of video material without having to leave the resource window every time and click around a hundred thousand times. For short videos the standard 5 seconds preview will be enough, for longer videos you can use the live preview without leaving the resource window.

The bottom bar in the Media tab preview video is the timeline of the main window. So if I think that this complete clip is suitable for the timeline I can insert it directly, a left click on the lower bar starts the playback of the timeline of the main window. A right click inserts it. Turning the mouse wheel up moves the timeline frame by frame forward. Rotate the mouse wheel down to move the timeline frame by frame back. The same way I can do it in the viewer. Furthermore this behaviour would be very similar to the new great feature which is based on Pierre's idea and which was implemented in an excellent way by GG.

For larger projects with a lot of video material I save a few hundred unnecessary clicks and it speeds up the workflow enormously.

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