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0000445Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-06-10 19:23
ReporterRafaMar Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000445: Suggestions on rotation in cinelerra
DescriptionI think Cinelerra needs an improvement in the interface of the rotation effect. A remodel of this to make it easy and practical.

It would also be perfect if the Camera and Projector assistants included the option to rotate, here a pivot would not be necessary. This rotation would always be from the center.

In short, camera and projector capable of rotating, from the center, for simple and fast rotations. And an effect at the height of Cinelerra for more sophisticated jobs, with an easy pivot to place in the desired place, a slider for degrees from -360 to 0 and 360. And this is just a suggestion, with a rotation option infinite where you can manipulate the speed of this by inserting the degrees that it will rotate per second.

I have attached an idea of ​​a new interface where you can quickly access rotations on a 45º scale, or by using a slider. An upgrade to the pivot with a quick-fit wizard in the center or corners, or custom fit with sliders. And a section for infinite rotations.

Thank you.
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2020-06-10 19:23

reporter   ~0003581

Don't worry, I admit that my idea was very ambitious. Surely as always you have done a magnificent job.
If Camera and Projector have a rotation in the future, it will be a wonderful thing.
Thank you.


2020-06-10 01:56

manager   ~0003579

A more modern look to the Rotate plugin has been contributed and checked into GIT. It includes improvements but not everything being requested here. More improvements later for Camera and Projector.


2020-06-06 08:03

reporter   ~0003565

Thank you very much @Andrea_Paz, if I knew how to program it would make an effect with different tabs, all in one, a tab with the position, scale and opacity parameters, another with the rotation parameters and another with the deformation and perspective parameters ... Today it is essential to have this option in the clips. Even many editors when inserting a clip into the timeline already have a panel from which you can modify the position, scale, rotation and opacity. Dreaming is free, but I imagine that after this simple paragraph there are many days of work with many headaches. To see if any programmer is encouraged, I told a friend, but the language that most dominates, which is python, is not compatible with Cinelerra :'-(


2020-06-06 06:30

updater   ~0003564

Good idea; +1

If you exaggerate you could make a "Transform" plugin instead of just rotating it. So with rotation, perspective, resizing; flip, etc. In short, as compositing programs have.
Hopefully some developer will come up with it...

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