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0000522Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-10-12 00:46
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 3700XOS LinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
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Summary0000522: Attaching effects suggestions
DescriptionIs there an attach effect key-bind? Would it be useful?

my suggestion would be: Ctrl-T (already used, clear I/O points)
Action: attaches selected effect in Resources (to selection, I/O points or single edit, even multiple selected edits), or if no effect selected in Resources, the keybind opens Attach dialogue window
This would be interesting - just one click in Effects, move down to timeline and Ctrl-T attaches, make another selection and Ctrl-T again attaches elsewhere.

Another suggestion, the Effect dialogue (normally on right-click Attach Effect) could have a box somewhere with the last ten effects used, or favorites, to make attaching most needed per project much faster.
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2020-10-08 10:29

reporter   ~0004221

Agreed that it's easy to drag effects, but it's also mouse work and are there people who prefer the keyboard most of the time?
Perhaps a keybind would only activate the Attach dialogue?
If there are grouped effects in the future (right click> add to Group > Group1 ?) maybe a popup window with the list of effect groups, then hit a number to attach the group or favorite, that could make life easy.


2020-10-08 00:18

reporter   ~0004215

I think I like to see
"Most recently used in a box in the "Attach effect" menu " (and/or may be specific folder for this in pane/window where other bins and effects are located?)

Also, it will be cool (or I think so right now, without experience!) to have some kind of 'ghost' nested clip feature - when you can move group of effects around and drop them on selected region and tweak with mouse - without original clip content dragged around .. So, multiple-effects will be easier to apply. And may be for saving as (shareable? versioned?) xml files too ?


2020-10-07 18:31

manager   ~0004212

I do not think a key-bind for an effect would be much used because it is just too easy to drag and drop -- there are not many key combinations left to use. Someday it might be possible to define your own key-bindings and that may change my opinion.

Most recently used in a box in the "Attach effect" menu would be very useful. There is a BT out there with the suggestion (by Sam) of having a "group of effects" and that gets discussed now and again since many times a user would like to always drag the same set of effects on a video. Maybe these 2 ideas can be combined.

What do others think?

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