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0000525Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-11-01 19:52
Reporterquintao Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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PlatformAMD Ryzen 3700XOS LinuxOS VersionDevuan Beowulf
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Summary0000525: Split pane enhancement needed
DescriptionFirst, I noticed that with Split Y the top and bottom panes move together with Ctrl-scroll wheel.
I imagine this is not intended? Top pane should scroll alone with mouse over it likewise the bottom pane should scroll alone when moused over and Ctrl-scroll up/down.

Also, I think some colour indication would be good to help the user distinguish the panes visually, such as a bar along top, different colour on each pane. With Split Y, it is hard to see that the canvas is split at all as it appears there are many tracks stacked up.
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2020-11-01 19:52

manager   ~0004339

Waiting for user feedback to see if can close with the new October builds solution and answer.


2020-10-20 00:44

manager   ~0004272

About "some colour indication would be good to help the user distinguish the panes visually". An improvement has been checked into GIT and will be in the October 31 new builds. As it turns out, each of the themes actually has individual png files for the X separator and the Y separator so that is 33 in all that require a change. A mass edit to enhance the HSV Value parameter now has been added which makes almost all of the themes stand out more so that it is easier to see the "panes". To see what this looks like, check out the attached file for the before and after views for SUV.

I think this is a pretty good improvement and actually using a colour separator would be too overwhelming and distracting. However, if for a particular theme someone would like to use Gimp to create a more obvious separator png, it will be considered.

splitxy.png (284,301 bytes)


2020-10-12 00:33

manager   ~0004243

"... Split Y the top and bottom panes move together with Ctrl-scroll wheel. I imagine this is not intended?"
Actually, if I understand what you are stating correctly, then "yes" it is very much intended. This is the purpose of Split Y -- you have a session consisting of 6 video tracks and a laptop screen. You want to see track 1 and track 6 at the same time but your program window only shows the first 4 tracks so you have to keep scrolling up and down. With Split Y, you can have track 1 showing in the top split screen and use the vertical bar in the bottom split screen to show track 6 so you want them to scroll together to see what is directly over/under the track.

About "some colour indication", I will see if I can get GG to do this as I also have trouble seeing the distinction. There is a grey colored bar there, which when you mouse over it you see a double headed arrow allowing you to change the size of the panes with one bigger and one smaller.

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